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How to Clean and Care for Real Sex Dolls

Lifetime cleaning and care of a quality sex doll is important because it's worth it. Today, we'll show you how to properly clean and maintain a live doll. Use the most concise language and the most intuitive demonstration to provide the most professional doll cleaning guidance service, prolong the service life of your doll, and let your favorite doll accompany you longer.

sex robot

The first is surface cleaning.

Wash the doll's face with water, and you can add shower gel according to your preference.
How to deal with the dirt on the JY Doll ?
Use olive oil or any other oil, pour it on a cotton ball and try as a bailiff, wash it off and make it healthy. If the body of the doll is very dirty and cannot be cleaned, you can choose to use dyes, but using dyes is risky. We do not recommend you to use this method as a last resort.

Second: if the doll is contaminated by clothes

If you're afraid of stains, I suggest you stop buying dark clothes, and if you do, don't go back to 9.9 or at least buy something more expensive. You can't afford it. However, if you choose a 9.9, the doll is likely to get dirty, at least before washing and before buying a sex doll, low. If the manufacturer can't fix the oil problem, just add more powder and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Color it with an oily lotion, don't ask anything, your chemistry teacher will tell you it's okay, leave the doll alone, it will evaporate. Seriously, buy a colorant and apply it for 24 hours, but it's corrosive and generally not recommended.

Third, how to clean the vagina of the doll

If you're a Sexy, get another one, it's cheap, but useful when preparing. It sucks, sucks, blows like a suction wand, and leaves a residue that dissolves on its own if you let the high quality sit down or blow it off with a blow dryer. For the first time in a long time it is possible to occasionally use something that is supposed to be with a woman, not for a Big Boobs Sex Doll , but for yourself, with a sanitizer. You can use more than one cleanser, but don't forget to use herbal neutralizers, identify a dozen plants, and listen to me. Like the vagina, the mouth only needs to be wringed out and then washed, of course, it can also be washed directly in the bathtub. You can kiss, but comrades with bad breath don't forget to wash. Don't ask me how I know so many lessons of blood and tears.

Fourth, how to remove makeup for dolls

Olive oil can remove makeup, can remove makeup, all-purpose olive oil, 9.9 packs, it is convenient to prepare unkempt eggs. Few people continue to paint their eyebrows. They can be withdrawn and removed, so they can throw away a lot, but the technique is very strong, and it is not easy to wash the eyebrows. I just started recommending the first lip gloss for forming eyes and lashes. You can buy interchangeable parts for it, including the eyes, and the overall effect will suddenly change. Wigs are easy, we offer a wide variety of wigs, and they are easy to clean, you just need to clean them normally with shampoo. Allow to dry to restore as new.

Be careful about cleaning

With careful and thoughtful cleaning, your doll can serve you longer. At the same time, keeping it clean for a long time is also good for your health. You only need to spend a little effort to make the 170cm Sex Doll as good as new.

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