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What to Do If Your Sex Doll Is Dirty

As long as anyone who has used realistic sex doll knows that cleaning of dolls is not so easy, in this case, if we buy some sex dolls that are made of soft silicone, then again How should it be maintained? Especially many people have always been worried, what should I do if the love doll is dirty?

Realistic silicone sex doll

Many manufacturers now use platinum silica gel. These platinum silica gels are imported raw materials and are made of two-component addition molding vulcanizing agent. Compared with traditional vulcanizers, it actually has more advantages. For example, it is very environmentally friendly, such as very hygienic. After making the product, the transparency of the product is also relatively high, and the appearance of the TPE love doll looks relatively fair. There is also one of the most important advantages, that is, it has its own dustproof function, and a lot of dust is not easy to stand on it. Then this has caused a lot of people to clean. Don’t bother so much. For those who are lazy, it is indeed very good. You don’t have to think about how to deal with these problems when the adult sex doll is dirty.

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The whole body silicone sex doll can be disinfected

Of course, if we really don’t believe it, if we encounter such a problem, then we might as well clean and disinfect the real doll. First of all, we can use some disinfecting spray to eliminate the poison, or use an alcohol content of 95%. Disinfect the poison with medical alcohol, and after we finish the poison, we must clean it with warm water doll, and wipe his face or interior with a dry towel, let it dry naturally, don't put it in the sun, otherwise, It will cause aging. If we usually do enough in some of these steps, I believe we will keep the sex dolls very clean.

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