Nov 18, 2021

Comparison Of Real Dolls And Brothels

realistic teen sex doll

A story about prostitution and real sex dolls

In the future, the United States will present the most modern "Real Barbie True Love Doll" to talk to guests...

My boss is talking about a "real robot sex doll" that allows you to communicate, talk and chat with people, and a company in Los Angeles is about to launch such a life-size lover doll. Isn't this just "Western"? If you are not careful, you will fall in love with this "Barbie Robot"!

This "Barbie" was developed and designed by Matt McMullen. Matt has been in the fun goods industry for many years and may be the best in the industry.

Mark is very proud that robots can communicate with humans.

This "Barbie" is a torso love doll that can recognize human language and talk to people. This is thanks to the artificial intelligence system in the brains of these Dutch people.

"You can call it the "artificial intelligence + prostitution" model!".

"The company is currently developing female sex robots, which will be available soon. My design philosophy is that these robots should bring happiness and happiness to others..."

Such a Barbie real doll can work 365 days a year, every day of the year...

If this situation continues, the competitive discount lover dolls in the sex doll prostitution market will intensify.

Of course, I don't know how to use it today. Is this illegal? Is this a crime?