About Four Specific Methods to Store Lifelike Sex Dolls

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A real doll, also called fucking a sex doll, real sex doll, or full size sex doll, is a life size luxury toy that mimics the realism of a real woman or man. Lifelike sex dolls are designed to meet your needs and have a sophisticated and sophisticated style, including a body that is soft, supple and comfortable. The articulated metal skeleton is responsible for the life of this ideal spouse's body and limbs. Three deep holes come to bring joyful masturbation to their owners to perfect the artist's real work. However, some customers who have purchased sex dolls may have doubts that if they want to prolong life of real sex doll what they should do. This article will introduce you to four specific storage sex doll ways, if you have any questions, please contact us.

■ Hanging storage

1) This is a storage method in which the head and body are suspended from a suspension hook dedicated to TPE dolls.
2) Prepare a rack that can withstand the heavy load, and attach a special hanging hook.
3) The load is applied to one point of the hook and can be stored without applying load to the doll.
4) I think that it is the best storage method to prevent out of shape, but it seems that it is necessary to be blindfolded because it is a storage method without ambition.
5) I knew this storage method after picking up, so I would like to buy it when the current storage method is not good enough.

■ Store on your back

1) Use the packing material in the packing case at the time of pick-up, or lie on your back with all the joints extended on a soft material mat such as a memory foam mat with low resilience.
2) Pay attention to the bending of your finger joints.
3) If you lie on a hard floor and store it as it is, it will be loaded and her hips will be deformed.
4) Be aware that no load is applied to one point, and store it after correcting the body of the real sex doll.
5) As a bleed measure, it is also recommended to wrap in a vinyl sheet when lying on your back.

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■ Independent storage

1) When you pick up a self-supporting TPE sex doll, there is a bolt as a fulcrum on the sole.
2) If you are worried about scars on the floor or the color of the carpet, put it under the packing material feet that were in the packing case at the time of pick-up, a silicone inner sole, a mat laid on the soles, white vinyl slippers Independent storage is smooth if you have prepared.
3) As a countermeasure against bleeding on the wall surface, we recommend that you put the packing material and low-resilience cushion that were in the packing case when picking up at the buttocks.
4) Please note that if your independence is unstable, the real sex doll may fall over and be damaged or cause injury.
5) Not recommended for self-supporting because there is a risk of tearing.

■ Sit down and keep

1) Long sitting posture seems to put a heavy load on the buttocks, thighs, hips and knees, and the limit of sitting and storing is said to be 1 to 2 days.
2) When you sit down, put the packing material in the packing case at the time of picking up on your buttocks and back, and sit in a reclining posture to reduce the load somewhat.
3) Also pay attention to the color of the chair and sofa.

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