Sep 13, 2022

What Kind Of Clothes Should Your Love Doll Wear?

Realistic sex dolls are made according to the customer's preferences. I think it's a little different from people actually growing, but after getting a FJ Doll, how did you choose the best clothes for you?

Adlut Real Doll

Flat-chested sex dolls

Small breasted love dolls under 150cm are petite and cute, just like someone's daughter. Very reasonable compared to humans. At that time, my breasts were just starting to grow, and there was a wide range of underwear and clothing to choose from. You can find your JY Doll in stores depending on the size.

Medium-sized love dolls

I find it easy to choose milk even under 150cm. In this case, the breasts are bigger than usual because the breasts are getting a little bigger. You should choose your jacket and bra correctly based on the Ai Robot Sex Doll's bust size.

Doll with huge breasts in real life

Large breasts under 150 cm are the most difficult to choose. The reason for this is that under normal circumstances it rarely grows to this extent. It's just an illusion of the customer, a caricature, an animation, etc. It's not very real. In this case, the breasts are huge, so be careful with your jacket and bra.