Apr 18, 2022

The Production Process of Silicone Sex Dolls

The perfect shape of silicone dolls is loved by many people, but many people do not know how to make them. Why do silicone sex dolls sell for over $2,000 and why does it take up to a month to make a love doll? The following heart doll making process will explain these reasons to you.

The first process: creating a humanoid skeleton

Each frame consists of more than 100 parts. There are large and small screws, steel rods and various welding tools. It is like an auto parts factory, industrialized and mature. Parts are gradually connected and welded by engineers to form a humanoid bone structure. This is a very magical process.

The second process: building humanoid muscles

Fill the outside of the skeleton with a sponge and apply a protective layer. This is the process of building muscle in the bones. These sponge materials are a special hard material that does not degrade the body. This increases muscle stiffness and reduces the weight of the sex doll, which would be heavy and expensive if the entire torso were filled with silicone. The spongy muscle love doll weighs 22 to 27 kg and is very comfortable to use.

silicone sex dolls

The third process: silicone injection

After the spongy muscle is made, workers need to accurately place the musculoskeletal into the mold in preparation for the next silicone injection. Workers must be very careful with this compound. All bone details, such as joints, phalanges, and foot bones, must be firmly attached to the mold. If the position is not correct, the silicone will flow out. Air bubbles or leaks appear.

The fourth process: silicone curing and demoulding

The curing time of silica gel is usually 6 to 8 hours. If watered at night, it will dry up the next morning. After the stamping is completed, the sex doll parting line is cut to obtain the real doll body.

Step 5: Create the Skin for the Silicone Love Doll

Paint or paint the silicone doll's body with your skin. The simulated skin textures, blemishes and blood vessels of the silicone dolls we saw were created from this link. During the purchase process, you can choose to color and make up your areola and labia, and paint your areola and labia according to your customizations such as areola color, labia color, and pubic hair.

This is a very important connection. The overall look of this doll-loving girl is good or bad. Fidelity is usually printed by very professional engineers to ensure the perfection of each love doll.

The sixth process: silicone doll makeup

Generally speaking, the production of the silicone love doll head is synchronized with the production of the love doll body. The heads are made individually, and professional makeup artists will adjust the heads of the real dolls according to the customer's eye color, differences in lips, etc. The whole process is manual, so it is very delicate and time-consuming. The makeup of the blood vessels on the silicone doll is also done in this link.

Makeup artists brush and wipe their bodies, makeup, nails and hair. Be very careful every step of the way. After this step is completed, the silicone doll is ready.

The seventh process: silicone love doll packaging and delivery

The silicone doll passed the quality inspection of the quality inspector without any problem. It will come in a custom box with all the accessories like wigs, clothes, instructions and cleaning supplies. It is then packaged and sent to the client.