Apr 18, 2022

The Price of Sex Dolls is Determined by The Quality

Realistic sex dolls meet some special requirements because they have no sexual requirements. Take a moment to listen to me. Occasionally someone will read stories like "Vacuum finds body in trash, calls police, turns out to be plastic doll" in the news.

She looks like a typical big booty sex doll. Wax Museum. Indonesian fishermen slap the inflatable doll, calling it "the god of the sky". As New Age kids, we always thought we deserved the "stinky" news, so we sneaked our hands on the keyboard. If it's late at night and no one is typing in the search box, you're lost: Humans have a very limited lifespan and cognitive range. Coincidentally, we have accidentally created a cognitive zone, and when you go out, you realize that there are so many problems in this world. The parallel worlds involved, the colorful "circles", are not small.

big booty sex dolls

The demand for Japanese sex dolls may be much greater than we thought, and they and their fans are not as "one-dimensional" as we thought. The sex dolls were originally made in German concentration camps during World War II, but according to business sources, the actual consumer products were made in Japan. The mannequin (a very economical design) was made in Japan in the 1970s. 1990s seamless figure. The "Bag Jewelry" collection of the 2000s. Due to the high production cost, the price reached 560,000 yen. Today, innovation allows her to choose different body parts for herself.

As the dolls developed, they became very expensive, much more expensive than most consumer products at the time. In 2000, the average annual income of a Japanese household was $18,000 (CEICDATA data), and at an exchange rate of about 107, the contract was Wyen 192, or W56, accounting for almost three-thirds of the annual income. The cost of buying dolls cannot be compared to everyday consumer goods. A sex doll that looks like a hormone-releasing toy is a very important step in the buying decision.