Apr 18, 2022

Please Have Sex With Robot Sex Dolls

The Future of Sex: Sex Robots and the Digital Orgasm. Anime characters as companions, VR glasses, robot sex dolls - in Japan, no one needs sex anymore. But is this the future? Porn actress Schnuggie91 tests a sex robot for "Human Earth," and the film crew visits Japanese sex therapist Ai Ayoma and learns about sex products such as orgasm films.

robot sex dolls

Smart sex robots are made from ruthless sex dolls.

SZ collaborated with Bayerischer Rundfunk, Arte and ORF on the documentary series "Mensch und Erde". Every third of German survey participants slept with a sex robot. At work, on the other hand, acceptance is declining: most respondents believe robots should only be used to support physically demanding jobs or repetitive activities.

Some people not only want to have sex with their realistic sex dolls, they also want someone to talk to. In the future, robots will make this possible, Melanie Mühl writes in "FAZ". Whether their wishes will be respected is questionable.

Where are the sex dolls of the future? They are also known as interactive dolls, artificial intelligence dolls or sex robots. They can recognize speech, communicate with us, move their eyelids and make movements with their lips. Manfred Scholand sees little demand for these models. He points out how difficult it is to reproduce lip movements and other "human traits." He has a message for his product and his related, sometimes overly euphoric treatise about the future of human-computer interaction: "Lifelike love dolls can neither replace people nor social relationships."

Artificial intelligence gives sex robots human-like abilities. This raises ethical and legal questions. For example, experts discuss whether it is possible to rape a machine.

Sex robots are getting smarter all the time. This raises ethical and legal questions. The growing trend of using love dolls could have far-reaching implications for society. Oliver Bendel, a machine ethicist from the Swiss business school FHNW, has been researching this topic for several years. In the interview, he explains why we desperately need to deal with AI sex robots.

World: Do men want to chat with sex robots for hours?

Oliver Bender: Of course. This is what they want. Prostitutes report that some men come to them not for sex, but because they want to talk. The same goes for dolls, unless...