Mar 22, 2022

Please Be Careful Not to Dye The Sex Doll

If you're sleeping with a sexy realistic sex dolls, take care of your sheets, bedding, and pajamas, which can get dirty easily.

premium sex dol

Dyeing sex dolls is the physical process of diffusing colored particles. To avoid getting dirty, keep the above points in mind:

1. Wear old clothes whenever possible.

2. The quality of new clothes is good, and AliExpress is the most serious disaster;

3. If there are no old clothes and economic conditions do not allow to buy too expensive clothes, then new clothes, please wash 5 to 8 times with clothes or laundry detergent, if the water sprayed out has no obvious color, then you can consider changing to real dolls .

4. Change clothes immediately after shooting, there is a risk of staining and reduce contact time.

5. Give a love doll a jumpsuit to insulate the coat. Or use a light cloth or napkin to stick the garment to the skin. For example, dark nightgowns tend to have a constriction band on the chest, which is more prone to wear than other areas, and they are especially prone to stains. At this point, you can put a white handkerchief or napkin inside.

I would like to add that the release of premium sex doll oil is an irreversible physical process. In addition to the relationship between oil output and doll material formulation, the storage temperature of sex dolls is also a key factor. Too high or too low temperatures can accelerate the release of grease from the sex doll. A simple treatment is to apply the powder to the real doll ahead of time. One is very good, two are easy to carry and one is that the oil is absorbed by the talc and neutralized when it comes out.