Apr 18, 2022

How to Care for A Sex Doll

Thank you for using our realistic sex dolls.
I will explain how to maintain the doll.

1. Regularly apply baby oil, olive oil, etc. Due to the material, the doll's skin will slowly ooze oil. (This is called bleeding.) This reduces the skin's elasticity and dries it out for a long time. Regular application of olive oil, etc. can greatly extend the life of the doll. It is recommended to apply once a month.

2. After washing, apply talcum powder such as baby powder or cornstarch. Bleeding and sticking doll skin can stay dry while limiting bleeding and extending the life of the doll.

lifelike sex dolls

3. Wear a condom when using the doll. The condom completely eliminates the contact of the doll's vagina with the male penis. This maximizes the protection of the doll's vagina from cleaning and drying. Excessive cleaning of the doll's vagina can cause water to enter the abdominal cavity, rusting the metal inside and affecting the life of the doll. (If you need to clean the doll's vagina, it is recommended to dry the vagina with a dry stick after cleaning to prevent the vagina from getting wet and breeding bacteria.)

4. Doll makeup is usually done with styling techniques, but it will fade over time, so please do it yourself. If you master your makeup skills, you can personalize your look even more. We recommend that you recreate your doll using common feminine cosmetics. (Avoid overly sticky makeup.)

5. When storing, be sure to wear light, non-dye clothing while keeping the joints of the doll relaxed to avoid tension. We recommend clothing that covers the entire body as much as possible.