July 15, 2021

The Weight of A Life-size Silicone Doll

We often see the existence of silicone sex doll in many people today. Don't be surprised. These real dolls made of soft silicone are indeed very good and can relieve our sexual hunger. As most of the two-component vulcanized silicone rubber is used, it feels very good. Many love dolls think that her skin is very similar to real people, and the workmanship is more delicate. The pores or hair are implanted one by one, and the workmanship is very elegant. Some netizens may want to ask how much sex dolls are in general.

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Weight of full size silicone sex doll

After all, the real doll made of soft silicone does not have any other additives, so he said his weight, as long as the soft silicone and synthetic brackets are included. So how heavy is the sex doll? That is basically calculated according to the height ratio of the love doll. If it is a sex doll of about 1.3 meters, the weight can basically reach about 20-35 kg. The weight of a doll about 1 meter 6 is basically 35-50 kg. Of course, the weight of TPE will vary.

Different styles of real silicone sex dolls have different weights

Of course not every doll weighs the same, so what if we ask about sex dolls evenly? Then it also depends on her body proportions. There are generally many kinds of lover dolls, some are pure, some are sexy, and some are plump, so if it is a plump sex doll, his weight is basically heavier. A plump sexy sex doll about 1.5 meters, basically weighs about 40 kilograms, if it is a high-definition pure sex doll of the same figure, it may only be 35 kilograms.