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Somethings That Worry Me About The Real Doll

Made of high quality TPE and silicone material, the JY Doll also add new features like face selection, heating and moaning. Sensors attached to the body or chest trigger moans during intercourse. The extendable 3-hole love doll has a detachable head and varies in size, hair and skin tone. The incomparably realistic design consists of silicone, which is mounted around a moving metal frame. You can place it where you want it.

Which storage method best prevents spoilage? This is a very important thing. Even if you want to pick up a real sex doll, there is a place where you will miss it. tpe dolls have soft skin so they can easily bleed or warp. Storage depends on the space in the room, how you spend your time with your love doll and how often the sex doll is stored (hidden). This time we summarize what we know about storage methods and degradation processes.

Milf Love Dolls

▪ Pay attention to spoilage measures during storage

1) TPE sex dolls are easily transferrable, so it is safer to keep them naked if possible.
2) Color transfer can also be avoided if the real doll wears white clothes, but depending on how long it has been stored, the shape of the clothes may stick to the FJ Doll .
3) There are many things I would love about my favorite clothes, but TPE dolls are more prone to stains than silicone sex dolls.
4) Especially in summer, TPE sex dolls are sensitive to heat, so they should be stored naked.
5) Naked they look a little cute, so beware of color shifting and bleeding when pairing them with a simple white pinafore or cotton dress.

▪ Care for your skin regularly with baby powder

1) Since TPE sex dolls are prone to static electricity and bleeding, it is important to clean the skin of real dolls with baby powder to avoid dust and bleeding.
2) Is that too much? Repeat the process with the desired amount of baby powder until your skin is smooth.
3) Over time, the talcum powder naturally becomes familiar.
4) Before changing, we recommend washing the garment with baby powder to avoid discoloration.

Discoloration and damage to the skin from sunlight

1) If you keep your Love Doll in a sunny place for a long time, it may get sunburned.
2) TPE dolls are also sensitive to heat, so they will suck a lot of blood and their skin will deteriorate.
3) If you can only keep the sex doll in a sunny place, you can have sex with her for a long time if you use blackout curtains or avoid high temperature and humidity.

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