Sep 01, 2021

Love Dolls And Hedonism

Are we hedonists through adult dolls who love life? This is the question I am trying to clarify in this column today.

According to Wikipedia, hedonism is "a philosophical or ethical stream in which happiness or pleasure and avoiding pain or suffering are the only basic theory that essentially develops its influence. Only temporary happiness is oriented. A selfish attitude."

The definition of human egoism is not only the love of realistic sex doll, but also the "perfect job" of life, so we become egoists through RealDoll and would rather answer "no". Of course, self-interest also puts happiness and happiness in the first place, and only lives after that.

As explained later in Wikipedia, our society is primarily hedonistic. Companies are often on the road to one "kick to the next." Of course, apart from excessive parties, alcohol and drugs, sex is a temporary pleasure, and if you find the right way, sex can of course be carried out purely selfishly.

Sex dolls provide the best conditions. If technically feasible, you can have sex with her anytime you want. You can also avoid being punished by Aiwawa—if you want—try otherwise you can hardly engage in commercial sex. Love dolls is the easiest way to make sex a pleasure.

life size sex doll

Love dolls are not always spontaneous sex

But this is not the only aspect of coins. For the preferred variant of the rubber doll, this approach may actually sound very reasonable. Basically, it can be disposed of after using it once, the cost is low, and it does not require a lot of labor. Rubber dolls are easy to buy from Doll Park and other porn suppliers, can be easily thrown into the trash can, and are very light, so you can actually do anything.

But for real TPE love doll made of variants of TPE or silicon, things look different.

Take the beautiful silicone doll Navy as an example. Apart from some other variants, it applies to the best things you can get with sex dolls. She looks perfect, loyal to life and death, has a large frame, and her oral function-and other variants-are top-notch. Moreover, the quality of this market segment is low, and nothing is the most expensive true love doll in the doll park.

However, the current attitude based on happiness will not always work in Navy. Since it weighs more than 40 kg, it must accept the characteristics and movement restrictions of silicon. You must use your strength and plan to have a good sexual relationship with her. In addition, the permanent cleaning, maintenance and maintenance of them cannot be ignored. Non-millionaires will not come up with the idea of throwing away the Navy silicone dolls, especially heavy packaging. Her very cumbersome purchases are also professional disposal, so it will not happen immediately.

lifelike sex dolls

Real dolls and the realization of long-term wishes

The hedonistic approach (in the current sense) is only partially possible, because loving a doll is a work of art, and several things must be considered. As a prostitute, I pay, she does what I want to do, cleans herself, and then comes back. Adult dolls do nothing by themselves. This is completely different.

No wonder true love doll lovers often begin to think they are worthy and loved. When we turn from pure consumption to hedonistic philosophical considerations, Aiwawa needs to get attention and awaken our territory.

Let us take an example.

Mini sex doll is more than just a moment of happiness for me. It satisfies the spiritual desire, love, tenderness and peace of mind deep in the heart. These desires may be selfish to some extent, but this is not the number of voluntary kicks I need, but it creates a deep sense of satisfaction in my heart.

conclusion as below. Love dolls can turn us into hedonists, but they don't have to. It can make her so wonderful and tell her how many hedonists we are and how far apart we are.