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Those Men Who Has Found True Love in Real Sex Doll

An increasing number of Japanese men are seeking romance for dolls, according to people in the sex doll industry, about 2000 are sold every year in Japan. The price starts at about $ 2,000, and the head and genitals can be removed and fingers can be adjusted.

Thanks to the emergence of silicon materials, it has become possible to make sex dolls that feel close to human skin. In the face of such a real appearance, men are said to feel in the conversation with the real doll.

Real sex dolls are popular among disabled people, men who have lost their wives, and mannequin fetish. And some men don't want to hurt and run to dolls.

Mr. Nakajima, married and father of two high quality, takes a bath with sex doll, decorates the house with photos, and takes her for skiing and surfing.

“If you are with her, you will be healed. If she is at home, you will be thrilled and secure. You will never betray her,” says Nakajima. “If you look at her when you get frustrated because of something you don't like at work, she can be frustrated. She has the same power as a human being.”

Mr. Nakajima's family collapsed due to his relationship with sex doll. The son accepted, but the daughter did not. And his wife forbidden to bring her to his home. Mr. Nakajima, who lives alone in a messy apartment in Tokyo, said, surrounded by two dolls in front of Saori and a doll with only a torso without head.

There are nights when you just want to lie next to someone, maybe hug them tightly. But you are not as lucky as someone is in real life. People have been very busy lately and do not have time to maintain such relationships. You can bring one of the hot female real dolls home and make it your toy. Use them as you wish and at your disposal.

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Masayuki Ozaki (45years old) tried to fill a hole in his heart when he lost his brilliant marriage, with a silicone sex doll. For him, this sex doll is his beloved person.

The life size puppet lives under the same roof as Ozaki's wife and sexyage daughter in Tokyo and shares a bed with Ozaki. Until his wife managed to accept this situation, he argued repeatedly.

“At first, I felt lonely that I had a high quality in my family and became sexless and I was lonely because I wasn't able to be a partner,” Ozaki answered, “A photo of fucking a sex doll appears in a magazine that I opened when I was worried. When I went to the showroom and saw the sex doll, I was at a loss.”

Mr. Ozaki, who says so while blushing, wears sexy clothes, wigs and accessories on the real sex doll and goes on a date in a wheelchair.

I bought my love doll without telling my wife. “The first time the doll came home, my house and high quality were surprised. (Recently, I'm already used to it.)

The daughter said, “Oh, I was happy because it was a small sex doll." "because it was small at first. I was embarrassed,” says Ozaki.

Mr. Ozaki says that he is not excited about the relationship with human women. “Recent Japanese women are also getting a bit colder. It ’s cool to people because they ’re dirty,” he said while enjoying a beach date with sex doll.

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