The First Thing That Worried Me After Using Real Sex Dolls

Admin 2019-12-12 December

Designed with high quality TPE and silicone materials, these real sex dolls also offer new features, such as face selection, heating and moaning. Sensors placed on the body or chest can cause moaning during sex. The head that pulls out the 3-hole love doll is removable, and the height, hair, and skin color vary. Incomparable realism design made of silicon around an articulated metal frame. You can put it where you want. Its extra soft skin will satisfy your realism and satisfy your sexual desire. But the most concern is about the storage of sex doll.

Which storage method is best to prevent deterioration? It was a important thing. Even though you were looking up to pick up the real sex doll, there was a place where you missed it. TPE dolls have a soft skin, so that the bleed can ooze out easily or lose its shape. The storage method changes according to the space of the room, how to spend time with the love doll, and how often the sex doll is stored (hidden). This time, we summarized the storage methods and degradation measures we know.

■ Pay attention to deterioration measures when storing

1) TPE sex dolls are easy to transfer, so it is safer to store them as bare as possible.
2) If real sex doll wear white clothes, you may still be able to avoid the color transfer, but depending on the storage period, there is a possibility that the shape of the clothes will be attached to the love doll.
3) There are many feelings that I want to love with wearing my favorite clothes, but TPE doll has more staining than silicone sex doll.
4) Especially in the summer, the TPE sex doll is sensitive to heat, so it should be stored bare.
5) Looks a little cute in the naked state, so it is possible to take measures against color migration and bleed when using a simple white slip dress or cotton clothes for a little storage.

realistic TPE sex doll

■ Care for your skin frequently with baby powder

1) Since TPE sex dolls are prone to static electricity and bleed, it is essential to clean the skin of real doll with baby powder to prevent dust and bleed.
2) Was it too much? Repeat with the amount of baby powder you want until you have a smooth skin.
3) As time goes by, the baby powder will naturally become familiar.
4) Before changing clothes, we recommend cleaning with baby powder to prevent color migration.

■ Discoloration and skin deterioration due to sunlight

1) If you store your sex doll in a sunny place for a long time, she may get sunburned.
2) TPE dolls are also vulnerable to heat, so the amount of bleed oozes out and your skin deteriorates.
3) If you can only store in a sunny place, you can spend a long time with fucking a sex doll if you use a blackout curtain or avoid high temperature and humidity.

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