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Choose Sex Dolls by Height! What are The Pros And Cons of The Doll at Each Height Stage?

The realistic sex doll have different heights, just like humans. There are sex dolls with realistic human heights, but the ultra-size of about 65 cm is also popular because of its compactness and lightness. I think there are many beginner dolls who are worried about "I want to buy a 160cm love doll, but it is very heavy...", so this time I want to introduce real dolls by height.

What is the height of the real love doll?

There are five main height levels of lover dolls currently on the market:

65cm-100cm real doll
100cm-130cm Little Love Doll
132cm-beautiful sex doll
150cm-160cm life-size love doll
161cm-170cm adult sex doll

As you can see, there must be some kids who are really giants as big as kids and will be satisfied with your taste!

Now, which height should I choose?

When choosing a TPE love doll based on height, you must not only consider your own taste, but also consider storage space, weight, price, and home comfort. Sometimes I have to give up some of my taste. There is no doubt that you can choose according to your personal situation and needs. So take your time, in this article for you, I want to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of love dolls by height, so that you can give advice to people who want to know now.

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In the past few months, this size is the most searched! It is very popular because it is small and light. It is the most unique love doll because it is the height of an adult female that does not exist in the real world.It is the smallest real doll in the industry. They weigh only 3.5 kg. Even a 100 cm love doll weighs only 12 kg, so it is as light as a watermelon! It is very easy to lift and carry. It is cheaper because it uses less material and has a shorter production cycle than large love dolls. It's about 300 to 500 dollars. This is only one third of the price of a life-size love doll. All dolls of this size are made of TPE.

Some people might think that such a height is really not feminine. However, for people who have the habit of lolicon, they can exude unsatisfied desires. It is characterized by having a beautifuler face than the big love doll. The round face has big eyes like bells. The eyes are shining, and you can hardly see the white eyes, you will instinctively say "cute!"! This exaggerated design further emphasizes their cuteness. The size is small, but the bust is peculiar! There are countless love dolls with J cups over 80cm. I am short, so I am plumper than a few. If this is the case, the chested aliens will also be very happy. The material is also high-quality and realistic enough to give you the illusion that you are really touching your breasts, so you should be satisfied just by touching your breasts.

In addition, due to the short stature, a shorter hairstyle is more balanced and looks better overall. However, my head is small and it is a bit difficult to buy a wig.

Some dolls are sloppy, while others have an adult-like atmosphere, so if the room is not very large and it is difficult to store them, why not take a look?


Small size, easy to store (= easy to hide), the maximum weight is only about 12 kg, easy to carry,
It is cheaper than the normal size. If it is 100 cm or more, you can actually use the 3 holes vaginal opening and anus, which is no different from the comfort of sex and a big doll.


It seems that the reality is very thin. For those who want to enjoy pseudo-love, it is difficult to empathize. Love dolls under 75cm not only work with the bust size of an adult whose vagina is the height of a high quality, but buying clothes is hateful. Due to the small head circumference, it is difficult to buy a wig, postures that cannot be achieved during sex (such as backing)

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This kind of height love doll now looks more realistic. It weighs approximately 12 to 21 kilograms. The weight of a whole bottle of beer is about the same as a box. If you try your best, you can lift it up. This is useful when showering or cleaning. The price is about 100,000 to 120,000 yen. This is an affordable price, and you can easily buy it with just a little savings. The materials are silicon and TPE. Of course, if it is made of silicon, it is a bit expensive, and the price is around 150,000 yen. However, both can use 3 holes and are relatively light, so you will be able to enjoy pseudo-sex in places where she and his wife cannot.

Their appearance is still very naive, and there are many cute types of high quality. Adult women and little devil dolls are also sold. Despite their short stature, many men are excited about the gap in mature impressions. For dolls, there are also mature dolls with slightly strange body proportions. The eyes are slightly exaggerated, and there is a face of a 6-year-old high quality. The high-quality carved face is really innocent, full of innocence and cuteness. At a glance, the man's desire for protection was aroused, and he wanted him to be spoiled like a daughter! It's fun to buy a lot of cute clothes and make them fashionable.

It looks cute overall, so I think it is suitable for a half-length hairstyle with thick bangs. The amount of love will attract you like your round face, so if you like short hair, you can try this wig!


The face is more delicate and lifelike than the love doll. You can get a high-quality cute woman for about $2,000. Cospa is very high. You can wear more clothes and enjoy dressing up.


My body is still a little unbalanced.
Only cute clothes are suitable for you, so the range of clothes you can buy is very narrow


At this height, you are getting closer and closer to the height of a real woman! At the same time, the weight will increase. Its weight is about 16kg-25kg. Some super-breasted babies weigh more than 29 kg! If you think of it as something you are familiar with, it is similar to an electric bicycle. A short doll made of TPE is still good, but if it is made of silicone, it may be the limit for ordinary people to walk about 10 meters with their father-in-law. A very good measure has been formulated for such a difficult situation! This is a detachable vagina! This will make cleaning easier after daily use! The price that everyone cares about is about 120,000 to 140,000 yen, and some silicon love dolls are as high as 250,000 yen.

This kind of high love doll has various female images. Lovely Sexy high levels, beautiful sisters, sexy mature women... Now you can express the beauty of women in various ways. The facial design is also more realistic than the above two stages, and it is hard to tell whether it is a human or a doll at a glance. The balance of the body is also perfect, and a curved body is a fatal temptation. People with a long history are one of the most cost-effective options for collection. Think of yourself as a true lover, as long as you are by your side, she will heal your loneliness.
As for the hairstyle, I think you can choose your favorite wig according to the temperament of the love doll. However, some wigs on the market are more than 100 cm. For a lover doll of this height, it feels too long and difficult to maintain.


From the above two levels, various female images look like real detachable vagina options, and they are heavy but easy to wash, and there are many choices. The body is very good, it is easy to get excited and hug. This is comfortable, you can try various styles of clothes! If you are a short man, you can also step back and change your posture to stay with you at all times and reduce your loneliness.


It's too heavy to carry around, and it's a bit expensive. You can't buy it without a certain amount of savings,
So if you want to change your position during sex, it takes a long time and may wither halfway through.


From here, it will be a life-size love doll with the same height as the average height of Japanese women. It is the second most popular type of lover doll because its height, weight and appearance are very realistic. It weighs about 25-40 kg. Some thin, petite women weigh up to 40 kilograms. If you have no confidence in your own strength, you should carefully consider buying a doll of this height. I think it is very difficult to move every day. The price of TPE products is around 130,000 to 160,000 yen. The price of a silicon love doll is about 220,000 to 260,000 yen. Some heating functions can be selected, so if there is an additional cost, it will be higher.

Many lover dolls of this height are beautiful womans who look like newly blooming flowers, as well as attractive mature women. The roundness of the face disappeared, and a lot of exoticism and beauty were added. She wears delicate makeup and exudes the light of a goddess. It is a perfect adult woman who is rare in the real world. Being tall not only allows you to enjoy a more real pseudo-romantic, but also allows you to have the advantage of real sex. Feeling the weight will make you feel more real sex. It's exciting to think that such a perfect woman belongs to you! Don't miss the one who likes beauty!
The face itself is perfect, so I think it suits almost all hairstyles! If you are a photography enthusiast, you will not get tired of shooting different atmospheres and feeling different beauty every day!


Real enough to be mistaken for people, the balance of face and body is perfect, I can imagine myself as my wife and womanfriend, when I fantasize about sex, I feel like a real woman


It is as heavy as a real person, so it is difficult to carry,
Because of its large size, it is difficult to store

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This is a luxurious love doll with the most perfect figure and the most realistic face. Everyone is a model-level beauty, and I want to admire it when I see it. The 180cm size is mainly male love dolls. The weight is of course amazing...it weighs between 30 kg and 68 kg. Of course, 68 kg is a male doll, but the female lover doll that is close to 170 cm weighs about 45 kg, so it is the same as a real person. The price is about 140,000 to 180,000 yen. The silicone love doll starts at 240,000 yen. Such size and price are definitely not friendly for beginners, so it is not recommended for novices.

Most of them are gentle sisters and sexy mature women. Different from the first four, it has a charm that makes you feel sucked in by your eyes. Plump bust, plump buttocks, attractive features... The sharp body lines of Bonkyubon exude pheromone! Pushing her to the tallest woman, looking at the violently shaking chest, while reaching the top... Just thinking about it will spurt blood! They are also the best shooting models! However, it seems difficult to go out and take pictures in different places. In addition, it has a strong sense of presence, so if your space is limited, such as a studio, you may not be able to put it in a closet or closet.

There are many mature female images, so I think big perm wigs will look great on your hairstyle. I think their graphy can be moderately attracted.


Have a god level,Beauty perfect as a shooting model,Casual wear,The truth about sex is the best


too heavy,
Most people can't pick it up. It is almost impossible to take it out.
It is difficult to clean after sex.
Without considerable space, storage is difficult.


The above are the advantages and disadvantages summarized by Tpdoll for each height of Aiwa. Like human beings, love dolls have their own strengths, and there is no lover doll with absolute height difference.
Choose the love doll that best suits your needs, budget and taste! Their partner can really heal people!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Tpdoll. If you like this article, I would be very grateful if you can reprint it!

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