Feb 10, 2022

Choose A Sex Doll That Meets Your Different Needs

Sex doll head

The material of the sex dolls head will affect the delicateness of the face shape and makeup. Silicone tips are generally more delicate and realistic than TPE surfaces, but they are generally more expensive. However, silicone materials are harder and generally do not have channels in the mouth, while TPE materials are softer and have channels in the mouth. If your budget is high, you can also buy herds. The texture of the hair is no different from that of a real person.

cute teen sex doll

Sex doll body

Body materials are often used to meet physiological needs and TPE is sufficient. If it is used for taking pictures or dressing, if you want a more realistic shape, you can choose silicone material (higher price). Second, pay attention to your choice of size and height. The height is generally between 141cm-180cm, the heavier the heavier (it may be too heavy to carry, it is recommended to contact customer service to confirm the real weight of the doll before purchasing).

EVO skeleton for sex doll

The skeleton of the teen sex dolls determines the poses that the love doll man can take. Sex dolls can take many poses with the latest skeletal joints. It has gymnastic flexibility, don't forget to ask customer service when buying.

Other details of sex dolls

Choose some of the better brands, hair, eye color, hairstyle, and even bikini styles can be DIY combined, you can choose your favorite flavor.

In fact, according to personal situation, price, brand and positioning, sex dolls can be bought at home and abroad.