July 15, 2021

What kind of clothes should your love doll wear?

Realistic sex doll is made according to customers' preferences. I think it is somewhat different from the actual growth of people, but after welcoming the love doll, how do you choose the most suitable clothes for you?

Are less than 150 cm tall small love dolls

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Flat chested sex doll

A small breasted love doll under 150 cm is as petite and cute as other people's daughters. Compared with humans, it is very suitable. At that time, my breasts were just beginning to grow, and underwear and clothes were easy to choose. You can find it in stores according to the size of your love doll.

Medium boobs love doll

I think it is easy to choose milk even if it is below 150 cm. In this case, the bust is larger than usual because the breasts have become a little bigger. You should look for your jacket and bra correctly by looking at the bust of Aiwawa.

Big breast real dolls

Big breasts below 150cm are the most difficult to choose. The reason is that under normal circumstances, it rarely grows to that extent. It's just the customer's illusion, comics, animations, etc., which are not very real. In this case, it is huge breasts, so you should be careful with your jacket and bra.

Over 150 cm tall life size real doll

Small breasts, good breasts, huge breasts

The height of more than 150 cm has become the body of an adult. In the case of small breasts, good breasts, big breasts, etc., it is almost the same as a real person. You can choose ordinary clothes. If you can afford it, you'd better ask for doll clothes from the store and make them to order.