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Points to choose costumes for surprisingly difficult dolls!

People who like shapes and styles can be said to be very happy to get the realistic sex doll that can be said to be their ideal.

However, human beings are very extravagant, and even those who initially thought "the best!" will gradually get tired of spending a long time with them.

It doesn't matter if this person is a human or a lover.

In order to suppress this "boring" feeling as much as possible, it is important to change the image by changing into new clothes, changing wigs and makeup.

Having said that, if you are a human female, it is selfish to change your face (though hard to say), but for a love doll, the master's man must prepare a new costume.

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It is difficult to choose the right clothes for sex dolls

But for many men, choosing and buying women's clothing can be a daunting task, isn't it?

So this time, I will introduce how to buy TPE sex doll costumes and purchase precautions.

Buying love babydolls, or women's clothing, is very difficult for men.

If you are a womanfriend who knows that you love dolls and hobbies, you can ask for a purchase, but there are not many womanfriends who know this.

It may be an ant to go to the store because it is a "female gift", but in this case, most people come with women because of the size matching problem, so male single customers cannot eliminate the sense of incongruity.

Using an "online mail order store" can immediately resolve such concerns.

If you use major online shopping stores such as "Amazon" and "Rakuten", you can choose a variety of clothing and sizes, as well as general clothing, cosplay clothing, and underwear.

You don't have to worry about the presence of shop assistants and shopping, and there are many advantages, such as selling unexpectedly expensive clothes at reduced prices, sometimes at reasonable prices.

However, there are not only advantages but also disadvantages. I can’t pick up the actual product to see it, so when I receive it, I can’t rule out the possibility of "the color and shape are slightly different from the image" and "the structure is cheap and I don't have it" even if I wear it and I don't like it . "..

In addition, if you want to deliver it to your door, if you are a male living with your family, you may lose the contents, and you may be asked "Why do you want to buy this kind of thing?"

Now the luggage can use "poste restante", "convenience store pickup" and other methods, so it can be said that the possibility of being caught by family members is very low, but it is also annoying to be careful.

For those who don't want to experience this kind of trouble, or want to see the product and buy it with their own eyes, using a second-hand clothing store is surprisingly convenient.

Second-hand clothing stores often sell various types of clothes such as men's, women's, and high quality's clothes, so even men who enter the store alone will not feel uncomfortable.

In addition, many people buy clothes for troupe members and events, so even if men choose women's or high quality's clothes, they are surprisingly inconspicuous (it would be better if you get a receipt at the time of purchase. It looks like that).

Recently, even major second-hand bookstore chains sell second-hand clothes, so it is important that there are many places where you can buy second-hand clothes.

However, it should be noted that second-hand clothing stores do not provide cosplay costumes and underwear, and many stores do not accept returns after purchase.

Basically, can be matched with ordinary women's clothes, but depending on the love dolls, if you choose clothes that have the same feeling as ordinary women, they may not fit properly.

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Two styles of love dolls

One is a real-life model made in a famous "factory" in Japan, and its shape is almost the same as that of a real woman.

The other is the deformed type, which is more common in lover dolls produced by Chinese manufacturers, with narrower shoulder width than height and larger breasts.

If it is a real-life love doll, you can basically wear ordinary women's clothing without any problems, and there will be no discomfort.

Having said that, there are also large-breasted love dolls in the real-life love dolls, so it may be a little strange to these types of people, but you don't have to worry about it.

The problem is the deformed love doll. For your height, the breasts are large, so if you buy clothes based on your height, you may have a problem like "Your breasts don't fit your clothes, you can't wear them". it. "

Conversely, if you choose the size of your clothes based on your bust, the size of your clothes may be too big for your height.

Moreover, the design of the deformed love doll emphasizes the size of the chest, and the shoulder width is designed to be narrower than the actual female, so it is said that "I wear it but it is not fluffy" to get rid of it easily.

Especially for short love dolls of about 100 cm to 130 cm, due to storage space and other issues, the clothes that can be worn are mainly high quality's clothes, so love dolls with short stature and big breasts are more difficult to choose clothes. meeting.

If you are a person who says "If you can wear it, you don't mind if it is fluffy", but if you are particularly concerned about "I really want to wear clothes that suit you", then find a store that can do custom cosplay Costumes and doll costumes. , It’s best to do it yourself.

Of course, it is more expensive than you usually buy, but this is not a bad thing, because if you wear clothes made specifically for love dolls, you will be more attached to it.

People who think that love dolls are just "masturbation dolls" tend to get tired of spending a lot of money to buy love dolls, and the result is just a waste of money.

In this regard, a person who can love a real doll like a "woman" can not only lead a fulfilling life of masturbation, but also get spiritual satisfaction.

It is important to buy and put on new clothes from time to time, not only to keep you from getting tired of love dolls, but also to fall in love with them.

You may encounter various difficulties and failures when buying clothes, but the number of these difficulties will increase the cuteness of the doll.

Please buy all kinds of clothing and continue to love the love dolls you bought on the love doll mail-order website "oksexdoll".

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