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Bring decorations to Sex Dolls

Jan 13 , 2022

Apart from facial makeup, jewelry and tattoo parts are another way to beautify the doll.

She wore a sexy lifelike sex doll dress, light colored bracelets on her hands, a butterfly tattoo above her hip, red high heels, nipple piercings and beautiful body jewelry.

Is it both sexy and sexy? Of course she is.

Decorate the RealDoll with other tattoos, jewelry, and of course facial makeup. Whatever you can imagine, you can achieve it with these makeup tips and guides. I'll start right away. Time to play with her tonight.

Avoid oil-based paints and liquid makeup, as they can leave skin stains on life-size dolls. Also, if you plan to take photos with the doll, avoid glowing makeup. The glitter reflections don't give a perfect click.

In addition, the sheen of sex doll skin is difficult to remove, and the makeup on doll skin is also easy to remove. All you have to do is put a cold cream on the face of the sex doll and the doll will return to its original shape without any hassle.

You need to know the basics of makeup to properly improve the look of your love doll. It can be seen that the skin of the silicone sex doll is very soft. It feels like stroking the fluffy soft cheeks of a real woman stroking her face.

So, you probably don't need foundation to lighten your skin. However, if you don't properly manage your life-size doll, you'll need to use highlighter and foundation to rejuvenate your skin.

To change the look of your sexy sex doll , you can use different shades of lip color, eye shadow, blush and other beauty products.

If you don't know how to wear makeup, you can ask a friend, wife, or anyone who knows makeup for help. Another way is to check out makeup tutorials for beginners to learn the basics of makeup from scratch.

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