July 21, 2021

Big Breasts Sex Doll -A Thrilling Game with Both Styling And Dharm

Today I want to talk about a very different physical feature of love dolls. In addition to the body shape, the realistic sex doll on the chest are also different, but they are all important. The various body types of real dolls often have a technical aspect of weight (smaller and lighter), but the bust is usually more beautiful, which works for sex doll lovers.

If you look at a big breast sex doll and compare her breast size with a small breasted love doll, you can clearly see how different the range of each real doll is. The bust of the small-breasted doll is 76 cm and the height is 170 cm, while the body of the big-breasted doll is 165 cm and the bust is 106 cm. The difference is really big!

The difference between the two love dolls is only 2 kg, because the breasts account for a small part of the love doll's weight. However, from a visual point of view, the difference is huge, and of course there are also major differences in how to deal with it, such as choosing clothing sizes.

The size of the chest plays a big role for friends of love dolls, so oksexdoll has opened a real doll category, Big Boobs. Friends who like big breasts can come to this category page because they can immediately see the model they want.

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Small boobs sex dolls are also very popular

The difference in breast size of TPE sex doll is not always so common. When my body silicone doll was delivered in 2019, there were few familiar small breast love dolls. There may be very large breasts and special breast augmentations when ordering. Even the "normal" size dolls have large breasts, which is also a problem for many doll lovers.

The same is true for love dolls, because many men also like women with small breasts. In the past, when silicone dolls, such as big breasted silicone dolls, were almost only sold in the market, many people who loved dolls were known to value them, especially according to the size of female breasts... But it is not a doll lover. Not everyone wants big breasts, the main designer of the mold is the manufacturer.

but it is not the truth. Not only in the forums, but also in many photo series of doll lovers, more and more small and medium breasted real dolls appear. Friends of Love Dolls have different ideas about their ideal dolls, so through real dolls and their wide selection, everything becomes right. Some people just want a sexy sex doll with an Asian face, some people want a dark-skinned real doll, and some people just want a real doll with a small or large breast.

Even big breasted dolls have visual differences

But even in the big breast category of oksexdoll, there are many differences. Because big breasts are not only attractive in that area. Chest design plays a role in human aesthetics, whether it is stronger or more drooping and soft.

Take a look at mini sex doll and compare them with, for example, TPE love dolls. Can you see the difference between the tables? Both love dolls have big breasts, but the impression and touch are definitely very different, and you have to deal with them in different ways.

In this regard, I think it’s great that the doll-loving world can adapt to what people with different breasts naturally provide. You can naturally make the breasts of some love dolls a little asymmetrical, but in the world of love dolls, something will soon come to mind. But even what may have happened so far has been impressive.

Finally, enjoy a cute big breast love doll. If you are looking for a small change, you will definitely find oksexdoll. Enjoy browsing.