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How Your Realistic Sex Doll Brings You Happiness

Over the years, the realistic sex doll has indeed made considerable progress. Not long ago, both men and women had to use stuffed animals and inbeautifulable toys with poor results. Now things have completely changed. You can now arrange the doll as you like. They can sit in a chair, stand up, bend over, and do whatever you like. Basically, if a person can move like that, so can your sex doll.

All this is attributed to science. Let's take a closer look at how advancements in science and technology can bring you a good Dutch wife experience.

Realistic sex doll's skeleton

Your love doll skeleton is actually a frame. It provides you with the structure of a real doll. Without it, the love doll would be very loose. The skeleton also allows you to pose as your love doll. It is full of movable and bendable parts, and its function is very similar to that of the human body.

In fact, we think they are better. Do you really know that a very perverted position can excite you? Your doll can stay in this position for several hours, and they will never feel pain or strain on their muscles.

The skeleton of your love doll is made of durable metal. Most people have owned their sex dolls for many years and do not need to repair them. In addition to its excellent and durable structure, engineers have also worked hard on the design of various joints. These include knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, hips and other parts of sex dolls.

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Take care of the moving parts of the life-size love doll

We have provided some important tips for caring for an external TPE sex doll . Let us now dive into the best practices for maintaining the structure of Aiwa. Please don't make any mistakes. It is durable, but abuse will damage the skeleton of the love doll. In this case, repairs can be very expensive. Sometimes the damage is terrible, and it is easier to completely replace the sex doll. Here are some rules to follow:

Don't force full-body sex dolls to do difficult moves

If your doll is not twisted or bent in any particular direction, then this is not just for this purpose. Don't force it. Excessive weight and tension on joints can cause irreparable damage.

Move the custom sex doll carefully

You may be surprised that your love doll really weighs. Well, it was deliberate. Your love doll is designed to look like a real person. This means that they have human skeletal structure and are heavy enough to create a realistic sexual experience.

If you need to move the love doll, please do so. Please be careful. A good rule is to move your love doll as if you are a living person. The elbow, neck, and ankle joints cannot be lifted. The same applies to your love doll.

Not repair

Sometimes, we will meet people who are trying to make a "structural repair" or modification to one of our sex dolls. This is rarely a good idea. Yes, you may feel the screws and other parts under the skin of Aiwa, but it is best to ignore them. Please note that we cannot guarantee sex dolls that have undergone door-to-door repairs.

Keep your sex doll as expected

When not in use, please store the carefully. Do not place it in a bent position between uses. This can cause warpage. If you need a long time between two uses, please consider adjusting the position of your love doll from time to time. This will prevent structural wear.

Final thoughts

Our sex doll is really a modern miracle. Engineers and artists are working hard to create beautiful and practical sex dolls. With a little care, your sex doll mechanic will be able to work flawlessly in the next few years.

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