Sep 13, 2022

Sexy Dolls Come In A Variety Of Styles

When it comes to love, everyone craves it. But they have to live alone because they cannot find a boyfriend or girlfriend for various reasons. However, lifelike JY Doll are becoming more and more popular, giving the lonely single men a spiritual comfort. Real dolls give lonely men the opportunity to have more sex and feel less lonely.

Milf Love Doll

(1) Asian style

Asian style FJ Doll are predominantly black, have long hair, dark eyes, average or white complexion, are of average height, slim and chubby, and have functional hips, approximately two-thirds their normal size.

(2) Buy western style erotic sex doll

Dolls are mostly yellow hair, brown eyes, blue, white or tan skin, high nose, tall, slim, chubby, with big breasts and tall, and of course yochi like a normal ass.


(3) African and South American style love dolls

This kkusudoru cell is mainly brown and black skinned, thin to fat, permed hair, brown and green eyes, yochi and tits have features like a normal ass and big tits.

(4) Anime erotic dolls

This kind of TPE erotic dolls are mainly erotic Love Doll made of role-playing characters from Japanese anime, manga and games. She has very cute, big eyes, a relatively small body, and white-pink skin. Each has its own stand. Of these, Rory is the most popular.

(5) Sex dolls in the workplace

The office maid is a woman who works in a company, specifically an office. It is a character wearing a normal suit. This character is commonly seen in Japanese AV videos. In addition, Japanese AVs are well known in the world. Therefore, under the influence of various people in the world, such a character becomes the object of their megalomania.

(6) Artist's gender

Dolls Sex dolls like these look like celebrities. People often say that he looks like a celebrity. When they see celebrities on TV every day, they naturally fall in love with them. Especially the female artists are very cute and pretty.

(7) sex dolls for pregnant women

Pregnant women can have sex even during their protection period and some will dream of having sex with them. So there will be pregnant real dolls on the market to take care of these people.