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The Ever-evolving Artificial Intelligence Silicone Doll

With the continuous development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice interaction, visual recognition, and bionic robots, silicone dolls have also been given richer uses, and have gradually expanded to wax museums, exhibition halls, medical Sexys, laboratories, shopping malls, More and more application scenarios such as hotels and photo studios. I believe that in the near future, smart silicone dolls will become more and more popular. AI intelligent robots are still making progress. Although the technology is not yet widespread, intelligent AI robots are already well known. He has the same skin as a human, can say what a human wants to do, and has interchangeable body movements.

sex robot

The realistic silicone doll

The appearance is beautiful and lifelike, including the details of the eyebrows, the bloodshot of the eyeball, the pores of the skin, the hairline of the hair transplant, the texture of the muscles, the faint capillaries... All kinds of details are very realistic, and the touch of the body is also very similar Real people, and no oil, no peculiar smell, safe and non-toxic, life expectancy of up to 5 years, 43 joints can pose most of the poses of real people.

Nowadays, the research in the field of lover dolls is becoming more and more mature, and it is believed that the successful introduction of this technology will greatly improve people's lives. Adult Cheap Sex Doll can simulate human consciousness and thinking, as well as the way humans think. In recent years, Japanese scientists who study intelligent robots have developed a new version of intelligent robots. It is said that this RealDoll is the smallest intelligent robot in the world, and it is also a human being.

The shape of these live-action dolls makes it difficult to see how they differ from humans. These smart Big Boobs Sex Doll from Japan look very human-like, even with very similar facial expressions and movements. During the manufacturing process, these intelligent robots use a variety of facial expressions and movements. Communicating with intelligent robots is as natural to us as communicating with real people.

The shell of these lover dolls is usually made of silicone, but when the silicone shell is removed.

what happens inside the smart silicone doll?

Once you discover them, you will find a very complex program with various circuit boards, countless wires connected to it and many sensors connected to it, as well as the internal structure of an intelligent robot. She is complicated. Thanks to this complex structure, these intelligent robots can communicate and work like humans. This is all due to the unique structure inside the robot. After passing through the silica gel on the surface, the structure inside is really eye-opening. The precise compressor conveys various air pressures through these pipes. These air pressures will drive the robot's transmission device, making the whole robot very flexible.

In the field of artificial intelligence, some smart silicone dolls have already docked with Baidu, relying on Baidu's AI infrastructure in the fields of voice communication, multi-round dialogue, visual recognition, gender recognition, facial expression recognition, location recognition, direction recognition, gesture recognition and other fields.

Our understanding is that whether it is a super-simulated silicone Futurewoman Doll or a companion robot in the future, they can become the soul and body companions of many people in stages, and they will also help everyone solve many real social problems.

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