Aug 01, 2022

The Technological Revolution Of Sex Robots

AI-Tech Doll - Robots, VR porn and digital sex toys can't replace one thing. Mar Harrison explained what it was at the "Tech Open Air" (TOA) technology conference in Berlin on Thursday.

"Look around," said Mar Harrison, founder of the New York Center for Porn Intelligence. "There must be someone in your eyes that you think is very popular!" shouted thousands of tech elite audience members who rushed to Berlin for the conference. They looked around and looked into each other's eyes. Of course, you've met someone before - because they're a specific person who looks interesting, smells good, and is moving. She went on to say that this interaction makes porn so appealing.


H Cup Sex Dolls

This is usually human.

How many machines can sex take? This is the research topic of "Rehmannia glutinosa" by BR, Arte and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (Fraunhofer IAO). A third of Germans and a quarter of French would like to sleep with a sex robot.

Between autumn 2017 and February 2018, more than 22,000 participants from Germany and France were surveyed online about their openness to new sex doll technology.

Germans surveyed also had no health problems with the new technology: 70 percent received organs from 3D printers. More than half of the respondents participated in a permanent body scan. Continuously measure high blood pressure, pulse and hormone balance and provide direct information on current health status. Nanorobots -- tiny robots inserted into human veins to repair cells -- have also been employed.

For example, a newly upgraded skeleton is currently being released, so all future dolls from the brand will feature lighter, more flexible skeletons, or at least be upgradable. There are of course also ways to upgrade older models in the future by incorporating computer chips and with a little "plastic surgery". You'd be surprised at some of the modifications and repairs people make. The MOZU Doll has a dedicated forum called "Inventor's Corner," a lair for ideas and creations reminiscent of "weird science." Granted, this is a bit quirky to some people, but in reality, it's very creative, and who knows some of these people might work for big companies in the future - quite a few are already making money from their inventions, Some have even patented their ideas.

The Biggest Ethical Questions About Sex Robots

The "problem" with sex robots is that the more advanced robotics companies all have a focus that isn't sexual at all.

It's more focused on creating technology for industry to improve agriculture, healthcare, the military, and more. These invest heavily in R&D and are more focused on implementing complex physical tasks for other businesses and companies, rather than consuming robots or making robots that look like humans. We haven't really seen a way to make these robots look sexy or "good in bed," so at this stage I'd say the focus is more on helping humans perform tasks or replacing robots. Use the human workforce of robots - instead of building robots that can perform amazing feats.

There's sure to be a race to see who gets there first, but there's a clear distinction between robots created for commercial gain and robots created as companions or H Cup Sex Dolls.