July 16, 2021

What Is The Difference Between Love Doll and Inflatable Doll?

Detailed explanation of inflatable doll

To understand the difference between inflatable dolls and real dolls, you first need to understand two characteristics of inflatable dolls. Both belong to a series of inflatable dolls. In fact, the functions are similar. The function of the inflatable doll is a sexual masturbation device. Time to achieve the purpose of physiological needs. As mentioned above, inflatable dolls are divided into three categories: inflatable dolls, half-length dolls and love dolls. Inflatable dolls are usually called inflatable dolls and semi-dolls. First, let's take a look at the cheapest and most frequently mentioned inflatable dolls.

These inflatable dolls need to be inflated to form their actual appearance. It looks a bit different from real people. The inconvenience is that you cannot change your posture and the texture is not good. The part of the vagina is similar to that of a real person. Next, let’s take a look at the half-doll, which is an inflatable doll. The so-called half-doll means that the head and chest are actually fixed and do not need to be inflated. The look and feel of a half-doll is much better than a pure inflatable doll. The breast has the ability to inject water to make it more elastic and make it look like a real breast. Half-length dolls are more simulated than pure inflatable dolls and much cheaper than pure inflatable dolls.

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TPE or silicone love doll

It usually costs more than ten to 200 dollars. Due to its advanced simulation and reasonable price, it is currently the most popular sex doll on the market. Finally, let's take a look at the love doll. Most of the so-called dolls are made of TPE or silicone materials, which feel more realistic than inflatable dolls. Love dolls look much better than inflatable dolls and are more realistic. It's like a real person. There is a keel-shaped mechanical frame inside the doll, which can change various positions, which is more realistic than ordinary inflatable dolls. Real dolls and inflatable dolls are not in the same class.

All real dolls are inflation-free, so the price is very high, ranging from 500-8000 US dollars. It is not affordable by the general public, but as people's living standards improve and enjoy more and more, it becomes more and more popular. Due to the non-inflatable design of True Love Doll, its shape is relatively large and cannot be folded or stored like an inflatable doll. This is a bit unacceptable for people nowadays, but it would be better for people to gradually open their hearts to accept dolls. Sex dolls are expensive, but for those who want to pursue exquisite love sex dolls, sex dolls are a good choice.

AI robot sex doll

Finally, let’s talk about smart dolls. Real love dolls can no longer meet people's needs. China already has smart doll manufacturers. Smart sex dolls can speak smartly. The whole body was warm, and the corners of his mouth moved slightly while blinking. Smart dolls are also called sex robots. This is a breakthrough for today's ordinary love dolls, and it has also realized the intelligence and computerization of true love dolls.