Nov 01, 2021

What Is It Like To Rape A Love Doll?

In recent years, the fast-growing female sex doll have become popular in the adult market, not to mention the embargo and social distancing. Many people want to know the answer to this question. Is having sex with a sexy doll the same as having sex with a real woman? Can I kiss the sex doll or try different poses? Today, many satisfied customers are surprised to find the joy of love doll bondage. For those who want to know the joy of having a real sex doll, we will answer every question. Here, we aim to explain various types of sexual activities and the feeling of using sex dolls.

These points are usually exactly the same as every sex toy, so it’s best to try the sex toy (designed with your favorite opening) and see how it feels... If you use ordinary sex toys, you are masturbating . With a TPE sex doll, you are more than just a sex toy. In fact, you can grab the doll like a partner, kiss your lips, hold it in your hand, and do whatever you want during sex. With lips, vagina and anus, you can perform oral sex, cunnilingus and anus as you like.

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The kiss feels real, with a soft face and an open mouth. There are tongues, teeth, and deep throats. You can feel her by putting your tongue in her mouth. First, from oral sex. Most sex dolls prefer vaginal and anal sex, but oral sex is also satisfactory. In addition, with the help of new technology and body bones, it is possible to change the sex posture with the love doll and realize almost real body movement.

Now, let's talk about "vaginal intercourse" that you might be most interested in. The doll's dick is also the most important part. The skin is smooth and firm, and the cock is smooth and firm. The combination of friction and pressure is very good. The female genitals of the top love dolls are made with full-size molds. What does it mean? Having sex with a sexy doll’s vagina is real and 100% natural. If you want to improve your first sex with the doll, let her warm up first. This can be achieved by using an intravaginal heater. A good sex doll can keep you hot for a while, so you can do whatever you want.

Many women don't like anal sex. There are not many such women. As for the anus of the silicone sex doll, it is the same as the vagina. Our quality sex doll brings you happiness and her ass feels great. The product engineers of our affiliated factories are working hard to design realistic, ultra-compact dolls with a strong experience, which will surely shock the hearts of our customers. 100% correct anatomy. That's why, if you want to experience a different feeling, please try it.

No matter what type of sex you choose, your first character doll will be a great experience. Don't be fooled by those who say that silicone dolls do not have the emotional intimacy gained by having sex with real women.

You can watch many doll sex videos to learn art. The most important thing is that once you have mastered it, it will be fun and attractive. Unlike masturbation, you don't have to use your hands. You can use this doll to make love in any position you like.

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The benefits of real dolls and sex

Now let's talk about the benefits of loving doll sex. First of all, it will be easier to try anal sex and various postures with her. Sex with sex dolls is very enjoyable, and repetition can be prevented by using different postures, different types of sexual activities and special lubricants. Our high-quality sex dolls will never refuse you.

You can feel like a lover, as if you are having sex with a real woman. It also satisfies a lot of people's desire for control, as if they have an obedient girlfriend.

If you are dating, please add a sex doll to your erotic life for a fresh and exciting experience. This is also a good exercise before trying the real 3P.

For many safety reasons, it is not safe to have sex with a prostitute, even when wearing a condom. Don't worry, sex doll sex is all you have.