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What is The Real Woman Like under the Open “Sex Culture” in Japan?

by Jack

Posted on May 15, 2019 at 14:23 PM

Japan has always been a controversial country. Apart from militarism, the most we listen to is its open sexual culture. After all, Japan is a country with a very developed AV industry in the world. It is not enough to export adult movies every year. Therefore, people always think of Japan's openness when it comes to Japan. However, Japanese women are known for their gentleness and virtuousness. Many people dream of meeting a Japanese wife. This is also a reason why Japanese sex dolls become popular.

Japanese woman is very obedient

Japanese sex doll

I once read a foreign writer who wrote many articles criticizing Japan. The general idea is to attack the inferiority of the Japanese nation. It lacks humanity. The text is nothing to do with the Japanese nation. However, in the end, he is a pen When I mentioned the Japanese woman, it became a lot softer, because he was only a Japanese man. The Japanese woman was gentle and beautiful to him. He said that the luckiest thing in Japan is the existence of a Japanese woman, a Japanese woman. The gentleness guards this nation. It means that the world has let go of Japan because of the gentleness of the Japanese woman's slight bow, which shows the position of the Japanese woman in his mind.

What are the advantages of Japanese women?

Japan is a typical patriarchal country, and Japanese women's good is for the patriarchal society. The goodness of Japanese women can be summarized as follows.

Their sexuality is highly open

The Japanese’s openness to sex is mainly due to their acceptance of a comprehensive and open sex education since childhood. Japanese women may be shy but not ashamed when they talk about sex, they are more inclined to enjoy. Needless to say, this is the most desirable for men.

Japanese women feel happy because they are women

Japanese women feel happy that they are women. They think that being a woman is very good. It is a very happy thing. The happiness and joy that a woman can experience is unique. So Japanese women are willing to be women

Japanese women will take care of their husbands

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Today's Japanese women's "feminist thinking" is in a state of awakening. We have always believed that Japanese women are too open to sex, even shameless. However, in fact, this over-open mask actually hides the unwillingness of Japanese women and the mentality of starting to resist. This is more obvious in the younger generation of Japanese women. Although it is not advisable, it is also forced by the social environment.

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