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Sex Doll Clothes Shopping Guide

Sex dolls are more than just masturbation. More and more people who buy real dolls use sex dolls as their life partners. Therefore, you should consider dressing up. Clothing is the most important part of any outfit. If you want to dress up the most beautiful woman in your heart, you need to buy a babydoll that suits it.

One of the biggest problems when buying female sex doll clothing is finding the right size. Unlike real people, it's not very practical to take dolls to the store to try them on. This means that it is very important to understand the size you need before you start.

life size silicone love dolls

How to measure your sex doll?

One of the biggest challenges when buying TPE sex doll clothing is choosing the right size. So the only reasonable thing you should do before buying clothes you really like is to measure the percentage of your sex dolls. All of these provide basic body size parameters at the store where you purchased them, but these are for reference only. A difference of 3-5 cm is normal. Therefore, if you want to buy clothes that are more suitable for your beloved doll, you also need to measure her actual size.


This reading is used for tops and dresses. When measuring, place one end of the tape measure on the most complete part of the doll's bust, and measure it around her body so that the tape measure is parallel to the floor.


This reading is mainly used for jeans, pants, skirts, and in some cases, dresses. Most garment production lines use "natural waist circumference" as a sizing guide. To measure the natural waist of a doll, you need to find the narrowest part of the waist above the belly button and below the rib cage.


This reading is used at the bottom. The hip should be measured around its most complete part (approximately 8 inches below the waist of the doll).


This reading is used for pants and jeans. For the inseam, measure from the ankle to the crotch, with the foot erect. To take this measurement, hang your favorite doll vertically (if possible) or place it on a beautiful surface.

Changing clothes is a great way to get you interested in the bedroom. Different clothes can make your love doll give you a different taste experience. So, if you are a little bored with Eva’s appearance, why not consider changing to Eva’s clothes and becoming your favorite woman?

Most of the silicone sex doll on the website insist on using small size women's clothing, so be careful not to buy too big. Underwear, sexy clothing, cosplay, 1 million choices! It can be any clothing store, but if you want to dig deeper, you can find a very cool fetish store that can provide all kinds of very sexy things. Remember, this is your love doll, you can change her as you want and dress her as the lover of your dreams.

real life human sex doll

Who refuses to see sexy dolls in charming underwear? It is very convenient to buy bright lingerie with lace and lace for the doll. All love dolls have perfect shapes, so all underwear makes sex dolls look like supermodels. Buy a set of underwear for your sex doll according to your taste, you will not regret the decision. It looks hot, but it’s easier to wear a doll than a shirt or pants.

Professional Tips

1. Avoid using low-quality dyes on dark clothes. If she wears them for a long time, they will stain your doll's skin. It is recommended to choose light color options, such as pink and white. However, if you need a dark or bright area, be sure to clean the sex doll before dressing up.

2. Do not store underwear or corsets. If the material of the doll is tightly tied to the clothes, the material may be deformed. Therefore, be sure to take off these types of clothes after sex.

3. You can buy clothes in small sizes. The tights are sexy and vividly show all the characteristics that she loves her in the online store.

4. If you don't know the size, you can buy cheap clothes such as T-shirts. When you have confidence in her size, you can buy anything you like. By doing this, you can spend less cash on trial and error.

5. The safety pin is very useful, mainly when the clothes are too good to handle. You can wear an oversized shirt or skirt to create a charming appearance.

6. Nylon stockings are always a good accessory, especially if you don't like her legs too much!

Buying your anime sex doll is to help you and your love doll add romance. Don't limit your imagination to dress them up, it is always exciting to add new flavors to your intimate life. We hope you enjoy the fun of dressing up the love doll and feel a new sense of fashion.

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