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The Definitive Sex Doll Buyers Guide

by Jack

Posted on March 16, 2019 at 17:13 PM

Before you buy a sex doll

Welcome to oksexdoll online shop, are you feeling dizzy about how to choose these beautiful dolls? Congratulations, you are very lucky, this is the most complete doll buyers guide in 2019. I will help you choose your most satisfied dolls step by step. And I will recommend a variety of dolls for you based on the preferences of most buyers.

Step 1. What's your budget?

If your budget is over $2000, that's great, because most dolls in our shop are over $2000. Made from high qualisty TPE or silicone material, both of them looks very realistic. They are actually as big as real people. Especially in these details of vagina, anus and mouth. They are list as following: Short Hair Graceful Big Eyes Real Doll Babe Ella USD: $2,273
Quick link: https://www.oksexdoll.com/buy-babe-graceful-dolls-ella-168cm.html enough budget sex doll
If your budget is $1500- $2000,that's OK,This type of doll can buy a real doll without spending too much money. It's really the best budget doll.
Purple Sweater Sexy Blonde Girl Grace Love Doll USD:$1,716 Quick link https://www.oksexdoll.com/perple-sweater-sexy-girl-adult-dolls.html
blonde sex doll grace

If your budget is under 1500 dollars, we recommend you buy the cheap sex dolls, this type of doll is less in our shop. Their weight will be lighter. They may not look very realistic, but they are particularly soft to the touch.

Best Selling Sexy Barbie Real Doll Celia USD:$1,117 Quick link: https://www.oksexdoll.com/new-celia-blonde-barbie-love-doll-140cm.html
Best Selling barbie sex doll

Step 2. Which style dolls do you like?

I can be proud to say that we have many kinds of dolls. Whether it is TPE doll, silicone doll, blonde doll, Japanese doll, or high-end doll, we all have.

TPE sex doll

They are a kind of doll made from high qualisty TPE materials. Most dolls in oksexdoll shop are made from TPE. Because with the development of technology, TPE dolls will become the mainstream of real dolls.

Silicone sex doll

Dolls made from silicone are ultra realistic, they are generally very durable. But also the most expensive, and it is a paradise for many luxury lovers. we have a collection of silicone dolls. https://www.oksexdoll.com/silicone-sex-dolls.html

Step 3. Choose a reliable sex doll store

Why is OkSexDoll the best sex doll store?

  • On the one hand, the resources that the company has, it is a professional web, with an adaptable design, with the details taken care of, easy to navigate and with an intuitive product page.
  • It has the SSL certificate that ensures a secure transaction by encrypting the user's data.
  • It allows to see the data of the company, its NIF or CIF, the conditions of use as well as its data protection policy.
  • It also allows us to know the type of guarantee offered in case of receiving the product in poor condition or being a defective product by default.

In addition, we also taught our users how to avoid sex doll scams. After you have chosen your most satisfying sex doll shop, you can start buying sex dolls.

Step 4. Buy Now and pay for your love doll

1.find your favorite doll, click “Buy Now” as following.

buy now

2.comform your order and click “proceeded to check out”

Confirm your order information, including the doll's height, skin color, standing options, price, etc. If you confirm it, you can click Continue to proceed to the next step.

check out

3.check your payment method and full fill your information

Full fill your card number, email address etc. After you checked all your information and conformed your order, we will produce doll for you immediately. After we send out the package, we will send you a bunch of tracking numbers right away, you can find your logistics information at https://www.17track.net/en at any time. And you will receive your package in about two weeks.

check out

Can't find the doll configuration you need?

It doesn't matter, All Our Dolls Are Customizable! Please click Contact and leave the doll configuration information you need. We will give you the most detailed parameters and quotes for each doll right away!

What is the box?

There are three types of boxes, you can see in the picture list below. If you choose the first or second box, you need to pay extra packaging. If you are not a perfectionist, you can choose The third box, it is free.

air box leather box paper box

Do you have a gift?

Of course, we have small gifts including heating rods, clothes, gloves, blankets, etc., as shown below.

blanket clothes gloves heat rob voice machine washer

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