The Market for Artificial Intelligence Sex Robots will Break Out

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People have been working to create more human-like sex robots

For nearly a hundred years, human beings have been working to create more human-like sex robots. Traditional robots are not intelligent, can't be perceived, and must work in a closed space because the machine can cause harm. With technological innovation, people can already live with sex robots.

How does the sex robot perform?

Compared with women, do sex robots have such a huge gap? Jack compares the capabilities of robots and humans one by one, and finds that machines are far worse than people in terms of flexibility, intelligence and intelligence. In the case of perception, people not only have vision, smell, hearing, but also touch.

Santos has developed the latest sex robot

Artificial intelligence sex robots developed by scientists will be implanted into artificial intelligence networks, and if they are treated harshly, they may not cooperate with users. It seems that with the development of artificial intelligence, I am afraid that when I ask for joy from the robot, I will also say sweet words to the robot. I don't know if there will be a seller selling the full size sex doll as a robot. When the customer complains, he responds that "it just doesn't want to cooperate."

The sex robot "Natasha" is equipped with sensors underneath the skin. If it is detected to be treated in a violent or rude manner, it will enter a state of "pretending to be dumb."

Spanish scientist Serge Santos and his wife, Maritsa Kissamitaki, have collaborated on this sex robot, which has a sensor underneath the skin that responds to touch. In addition to the "mute and dumb" mode, this sex robot also has scene settings such as "family", "romantic" and "sex", and can also be converted to a "special naughty" level.

Santos studied nanotechnology in Leeds, England. In April of this year, he announced that his sex robots had saved him and his wife for 16 years of marriage. His wife, Maritsa Kissamitaki, said she didn't mind Santos using sex robots.

Dr. Santos is an electrical engineer who said that his wife suggested implanting an artificial intelligence network into a sex robot. The robot's expected price is about $4,700, but it's not known when it will be mass-produced.

AI sex robot

Santos and his wife believe that "Samantha" will have the ability to enjoy sex, and can remember past conversations and even sleep.

In Catalonia, Spain, a sex robot developed by the Santos couple wore headphones and a scarf. Although Ms. Kissmitaki does not mind her husband using a sex robot, Santos said he would feel embarrassed if his wife used a male robot.

Santos said that the sex robot saved his marital relationship, because even when his wife has no sexual emotions, his desire can be satisfied. Santos said that if the desires of a partner cannot be reconciled, they are likely to divorce.

Future sex robots will have an impressive memory and remember the conversations of the past. Some experts predict that if this high-tech sex robot is released within one year, hundreds of people will buy it in the UK. These sex robots are designed to interact and communicate with people, so they are very different from the TPE sex doll that are common on the market. Some experts said that these robots are likely to be welcomed by singles who are eager to accompany them.

Some manufacturers even describe sex robots as similar to owning pets, and said that companionship is a very important part of them.

The current artificial intelligence sex robot is more like enhanced intelligence or scene intelligence. Real artificial intelligence should be the sum of all scene intelligence. When a personal intelligence technology and product are modularly put together, they are close to real artificial intelligence.

The market for artificial intelligence sex robots will break out. In the next three years, the current robots are not out of reach. As long as you can seize the opportunity and become the first pioneers of artificial intelligence robots, you will succeed.

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