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Making Process And Application of Real Sex Doll

Dec 12 , 2019

If you are a healthy boy, you should have been interested more or less once adult sex doll. For those who don't know, sex dolls are used to simulate female or male behavior. It is a doll that looks and feels so real that it is sometimes purchased as an appreciation or dress-up doll.

However, I can't say that, but there are still some boys who are still brilliant, they have conducted in-depth understanding and research on real sex dolls, and also understand the reasons and uses of them.

The production of love dolls is divided into three stages. First, assembling the skeleton frame. Second, a urethane material that is the core of the body is attached to the skeleton and coated with silicone. Finally, completed with deburring and painting of silicone. There are many entrepreneurial secrets, and only the finishing part, which is the third step, was collected. Since this process requires delicacy, the craftsmen were all made up of women. This is unexpected as you can imagine only skilled stubborn fathers.

The first task is to cut off excess burrs. Use only scissors with a bent tip, and clean them while using the unevenness properly. Silicone is scratched due to the nature of the material, so it cannot be filed. It's a craftsmanship that removes burrs with scissors at once.

The hair is a wig, but the under is all hand-sewn. While looking at the overall balance, sew one to several pieces with a special needle. The sticking to the body did not stop there. Even the palms and bends of the stomach are reproduced, and the quality seems to be mistaken for humans. Prototypes without compromise are repeated to create this bag. While changing the ratio of urethane and silicone, it is possible to create an optimal wrinkle that is genuine. As for the face, the lips are colored with an airbrush, and the eyebrows and the area around the eyes are made like a human. Finally, like human makeup, it is carefully finished with a brush.

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Commitment to such a place, fucking a sex doll is shaped like a real human. The combination of mold preparation and 3D scanning creates a soft human figure and face line. The feeling is the silicone on the surface of the real sex doll looks like human skin, and it's as real as you can't tell if you close your eyes.

A love doll made with craftsmanship and finishing is done manually. It seems to be especially careful to avoid individual differences. Users call married with love dolls and feel attached. It is sensitive to the difference between the catalog photo and the actual product. Still, depending on the experience and intuition of craftsmen, he makes more types sex dolls. For example, the cure rate of silicon differs between summer and winter. The craftsman determines the state of the hardness, creating a uniform feel.

A real sex doll that makes you think that it's expensive when you ask about the price. However, if you know your commitment and craftsmanship, you may think that price is surprisingly rational. Production period is 2-3 weeks from order. The busy season is after the summer and winter bonuses, so if you are interested, now may be your chance.

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