July 15, 2021

The Sex Doll Style That Most Men Like

People are increasingly demanding adult sex dolls

The more commonTPE sex dollmay not pay much attention to the appearance design. As long as they are women, they may even make them even more exaggerated. There is nothing special about the various appearances, they only exist to meet the needs of a wide range of people, and there is no specific design for which group. However, with the gradual improvement of people’s requirements for real dolls, more and more manufacturers have found that adlut love dolls with personality tend to gain more favor, while love dolls designed for different consumer preferences can often bring Come with different excitements and new surprises.

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A few people like loli sex dolls very much

For example, some lover dolls follow the lolicon route. The sex dolls involved are relatively small and have relatively flat breasts. The overall design is more like a girl. When naming the products, they also deliberately linked the product name with the pupils' names, in order to let consumers feel the joy of pupils when using their products. It can be said that it is designed for niche sex addiction.

Most people like milf sex dolls

Some lovers are mature women. When designing, they deliberately emphasized the lines and shapes of the legs, buttocks and breasts, and designed them as part of the use, using this prominent female feature to stimulate and tease the corresponding consumers, and let the male Consumers want a rolling bed even more.

In addition to these, there are actually many manufacturers who directly design Aiwawa's face to look like a female celebrity. This is actually a violation of the rules to a certain extent, but many men are very capable