Nov 01, 2021

Step-by-step Instructions: How To Wash Love Dolls

Thefemale sex doll is a new lover who is as close as her and his wife. However, one of the common questions is "How do I clean the sex doll after use?" Therefore, it is important to keep the sex doll clean and not to touch all the liquid that is poured into her love. Cleaning Iwawa is actually a very simple process, which can be done with the help of some very useful tools. To ensure your hygiene and her length.

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How long is the cleaning cycle of sex dolls?

TPE sex doll cleaning is of course the most important. When using it for the first time, please wash the doll to remove factory residues. We recommend that our customers clean their dolls every two to four weeks unless they are dust-free. It is recommended to wash the doll after every sexual use. You need to strike a balance between keeping the doll fresh and clean and maximizing the life of the doll.

How to clean the body of a sexy doll?

There are many techniques for cleaning dolls. The most effective way is to use a shower or bathtub. Depending on whether you are confident to lift or reposition the doll, it is recommended to gently clean the doll with a lightweight sponge and antibacterial soap. The doll can take a bath or put it in the bathtub. Be careful when bathing the doll. If the neck or head is wet or immersed in water, the neck screws will rust.

1. First, wipe off excess lubricant and body fluids with a soft towel.

2. Remove the wig and wash it separately.

3. Use warm water instead of hot water. Let the soap lather and massage the whole. Make sure to put your fingers in all openings. Operate gently to avoid excessive pulling on the skin.

How can I clean the face of a silicone sex doll?

1. First, remove the head from the body. If possible, remove the wig.

2. Prepare warm antibacterial soapy water and apply it on the face with a sponge or soft cotton cloth.

Massage your face gently. Please note: cosmetics are semi-permanent and may fade or be removed with mineral oil. To make your makeup last longer, you should avoid excessive cleansing and rubbing.

3. Eyes and eyelashes are the sensitive parts of the doll. Be careful not to injure your eyes or eyelashes, and do not wet these parts.

4. To remove the eyes before cleaning, please gently pull the eyes out of the inner corner of the eye to avoid damage to the eyelashes.

5. Gently wash your face with a soft, dry, non-abrasive cloth. Let it air dry, then reattach it to the body.

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Please tell me how to clean the vagina, anus and openings.

Cleaning her vagina, anus, and mouth is a delicate process that requires the use of multiple techniques to expose these areas for cleaning.

1. It is recommended to use a water sprayer to spray water at the opening to let the water flow out from the opening. You can use the shower hose attachment in a low and friendly environment without washing with water.

2. It can be cleaned manually with a (soft) cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Touch all parts of the opening to clean it thoroughly.

3. Spread warm water and antibacterial soap on a small cotton swab sponge. You can use this sponge to clean the orifice. Use medical forceps to insert the sponge until the orifice is clean.

Please tell me how to dry the sex doll after cleaning.

Cleaning your silicone sex doll is one of her concerns, and drying her is another more important thing that affects your sex doll's life.

1. Love the doll. It is important to dry your skin after washing. When it gets wet, the skin tears and bruises easily.

2. Gently tap with a light, non-abrasive material to focus on removing most of the body's moisture, and then let the skin dry naturally.

3. Place the doll and let it dry for 1-2 hours to make sure it is almost dry. Now apply talcum powder all over your body to get a natural fragrance and soft feeling.

4. Many people recommend using petroleum jelly as a protective measure and lubricant in the orifice.

Final impression

Like any woman, your sex doll needs regular care. Cleaning the doll is an important part of maintenance. If you have a sex doll at home, you need to know how to clean it to extend its life. It does not take long to master it. As I have said many times, improper maintenance will damage your love doll, so this is what you need to avoid. This is why it is important to clean sex dolls regularly. In this way, you can have an intimate partner for many years.