Differences Between Inflatable Sex Doll and Realistic Sex Dolls

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Almost all of the big cockroaches that mix in a baby's circle spend thousands of tuition to compile the history of people who have blood and tears. Congratulations on purchasing a doll whose face and body are satisfied, the model after the renewal began to buy new clothes, accessories, maintenance, and even pour our emotions into love dolls, but then Satisfaction and joy cannot be exchanged. So how do newcomers avoid this? Here are some simple points:

The sex doll circle can be divided into two types. One is a solid doll and the other is an inflatable doll. Speaking of these two types of dolls, inflatable dolls, especially in 2007, I think everyone has been slapping their face for a long time, Craig Greis overseen "Love for Inflatable Dolls". The inflatable sex doll you think is not really an inflatable sex doll.

First, how to choose a love doll

The adult toys circle comes out of the pit and enters the big pit right away. When you jump out of the inflatable doll's cage, there are many ways to go. How to choose a real doll, real sex doll is beautiful, flowered, and body is elegant? There's more to say here, beauty cameras can lie you, and of course you can make ugly babies beautiful, and can give you a big surprise after you get home The I think this real love doll is stronger than me.

The gap between real dolls is the same. Some reassuring brands are recommended.


EX reviews are really good in a playpen, because of his exquisite head sculpture and advanced ideas. In general, the head carvings, especially the 145s cherry blossoms and the 145s Xiaodie, can be described as one of the best sculptures at the moment. Especially sorry. The biggest advantage of EX is that it has beautiful head carving, full body silicone, a better design concept, and a more flexible body. Disadvantages: Some players hesitate because the average price is about 1w, but now the love doll department is written calmly, mainly because the emphasis is on the opening of intelligent robots. If you are value control, it is Lori control, EX is your most sensible choice.

realistic sex doll

RZR Doll

The boss was supposed to be a real doll, but when he was asked if the realistic sex doll could be embarrassed, he simply made some dolls suitable for squatting. The forum should be popular as long as there are artificial people out of the box. Whether it is a love doll's hand, the foot is still fine in the veins of the blood vessels, so the greatest feature of artificial people is extreme control of details, so meticulous that you can't just think they can't Caution. But the drawbacks are also obvious, the price is too high, the average price is about $4,000, so many baby friends can only expect the baby to sigh. If you are a local tyrant and a detailed administrator, an RZR sex doll is definitely your best partner.

JY Doll

As a love doll brand that has just begun to become popular in recent years, jy has always been known as “JY Dairy” in the playpen. Real dolls are mainly sexy, with large breasts, thin waists, long legs and fullness, and are prepared to suit the tastes of special people. It can be said that word of mouth is mixed in the playpen. For many people, too many people accuse the shadow of June's shadow, the waist is too thin, the proportion of chopsticks feet is unbalanced, etc., personally the sex doll is still perfect for use I think. jy's biggest advantages: cool, slim, big breasts, long legs, the biggest advantage is price advantage, average price is about $2,000, material choice, body soft, baby choice. Disadvantages: The skeleton is a little stiff and the details of the limbs are a little bad. If you are a beginner who wants to know about playpens and you just want to live a life with a sex doll, if you have a limited budget, I can choose JY Doll and join the jy Dairy army Is recommended.

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