July 22, 2021

What Is a Silicone Sex Doll?

Silicone sex dolls are typical representatives of luxury love dolls.

Basically, there are two kinds of realistic sex doll, silicone dolls and TPE dolls, each with its own characteristics. In this article, I will introduce the comparison between silicone dolls and TPE dolls. The silicon page introduces the recommended silicon dolls, and those who are interested can refer to it.

What is a silicon doll?

Lover dolls using silicon materials are called silicon dolls. You will hear silicon in many situations. Especially in cosmetic surgery, the term silicone is often used. Silicon used for medical purposes is also used in Aiwa. Silicon will not adversely affect the human body. Since allergic reactions are rare, there is no problem even if you insist on loving dolls for a long time. Silicon has become the main material in the world of love dolls. However, with the emergence of TPE dolls, the output of silicon wafers has gradually declined. Today, TPE dolls are the mainstream.

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The difference between silicone love doll and TPE sex doll

The difference between silicone dolls and TPE sex dolls lies in the material. TPE dolls use a material called thermoplastic elastomer. TPE dolls are often used in Chinese lover dolls to give them a more humane feel. You cannot decide which is better, silicone doll or TPE doll. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages and are not suitable for some applications.

The advantages and disadvantages of silicone dolls

Let me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of silicone dolls first.

Advantages: strong and scratch resistant

The advantage of silicone dolls is sturdiness and scratch resistance. In addition, it is difficult to stain, and even if it is soiled, it is easy to remove.

Advantages: not easy to deteriorate

The biggest advantage of adult silicone sex dolls is that they are not easy to deteriorate. If you handle it carefully and do not neglect maintenance, it may be used for about 10 years. Of course, depending on the manufacturer and type, some have a limit of about 3 years, so please keep in mind.

Disadvantages: very expensive

The disadvantage of silicone dolls is their high price. The price of silicone dolls made in China is generally around US$3,000-5,000. We will add options here, so it is not uncommon for the price to be close to 10,000 US dollars.

Disadvantages: no flexibility, narrow range of activities

Silicone dolls are not flexible and have a very narrow range of motion. I mentioned that the advantage of silicone dolls is sturdiness, but due to its sturdiness, its elasticity is limited. Be careful when holding the silicone doll, if you put it in an unreasonable position, it may tear.

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Advantages and disadvantages of super soft TPE sex dolls

Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of TPE dolls. Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of silicon dolls and TPE dolls.

Advantages: realistic touch and flexible

TPE dolls can enjoy the touch of real people. The skin is softer than silicone dolls. Another advantage is that it is more flexible than silicone dolls.

Advantages: relatively cheap

Compared with silicone dolls, TPE dolls are basically cheaper. This is the biggest advantage of TPE dolls. If you want to buy a love doll for the time being, I recommend TPE dolls.

Disadvantages: easy to change color and dirty

The disadvantage of TPE dolls is that they are easily scratched because of their elasticity. In addition, discoloration and color transfer are prone to occur, so care must be taken when handling. There are also problems such as easy heat and bleeding.

Disadvantages: easy to deteriorate

Since TPE dolls are cheaper than silicon, they are also prone to deterioration. Silicone is durable for about 10 years, but some TPE dolls cannot be used for about 2-3 years. Silicone dolls and TPE dolls have their own advantages and disadvantages. Most importantly, it is important to find the one that suits you.

Enjoy a realistic sexual intercourse experience with a full-size silicone sex doll

We compared the good and bad parts of the silicone doll by comparing it with the silicone doll. One of the differences with TPE dolls is that silicone dolls have delicate and lifelike faces. This is possible because it is expensive. If you are considering buying, please buy the one that suits you.