July 22, 2021

What is The Difference Between The Best Sex Doll And The Cheap Love Doll?

Even if you simply say "love dolls", the prices are very wide ranging from super cheap love dolls of a few hundred dollars to real-life dolls of nearly ten thousand dollars.

However, many people don't know why the price of realistic sex doll is so different.

In addition to the super cheap and inflatable vinyl love doll, if you $2,000, you can get a very realistic real-life doll.

So is it better to buy cheap lover dolls than high-end lover dolls?

of course not.

There are good reasons for the high price of the best love dolls.

So this time, I will explain why the best love dolls are expensive and why I recommend them because they are expensive.

The best lover dolls and the cheap lover dolls are different from the material to the craftsmanship!
There are many differences between the best love dolls and the cheapest love dolls.

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Let me explain the difference.

-Due to the different materials, the best love dolls are overwhelmingly more realistic!
First of all, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone is usually used to make the best love dolls.

Although TPE and silicone are different materials, they have moderate elasticity and feel like sticking to your hands. Therefore, the best lover dolls made of these two materials look like a living person when they are hugged. Be immersive and feel real.

Some cheap lover dolls use vinyl, plastic, latex and other materials, but the lover dolls made of these materials have obvious hardness, and the touch feeling cannot be compared with real people...

Love dolls are usually people who have sex with the person who bought them.

Therefore, there are more opportunities to be exposed to love dolls naked, so we recommend the best love dolls, which give you a sense of reality closer to real people.

-Because the internal structure is different, the best love doll can take various poses!
The best love dolls have metal internal structures, which are human bones.

If the internal structure is metal, the weight will be heavier, but due to the high strength, even if you do tiny joint movements, bend each finger and adopt a slightly unreasonable posture. There is an advantage that can be tolerated.

Also, the heavier weight may seem like a disadvantage at first glance, but in order to make love dolls have real sex, the weight is better than too light..

A too light lover doll will move around on the bed with the man’s movements if you don’t hold it firmly when inserting sex, and you can’t feel the reality of sex, while the heavy lover doll is held in the arms of the man. A man will not move even if you do not move it, so you will feel that you are having sex with a real woman.

On the other hand, cheap TPE sex dolls cannot reproduce the fine joint movement due to insufficient internal structure strength. If you try to adopt an unreasonable posture, the internal structure may be destroyed.

Those who want to enjoy sex with dolls in various poses strongly recommend the best sex dolls, which have a strong internal skeleton and easy to fix posture.

-The best real dolls are carefully crafted and have real femininity!
The purpose of cheap dolls is to mass produce and sell in large quantities at low prices.

Therefore, the roughness of the face may be obvious, and you don't have to stick to the details, such as the eyes, nose and ears of the face, the fine parts such as fingers and toes, and important makeup to make the love doll come alive...

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In this regard, the best dolls are basically handmade to ensure value for money.

The hair is meticulously trimmed by craftsmen and the makeup is meticulously made to give it a true femininity.

Some of the best love dolls even faithfully reproduce the small wrinkles of the skin and the blood vessels passing under the skin.

When you try to have sex with a love doll, you will inevitably stare at your face and body at close range, so you tend to notice a small part of the roughness, which makes you feel excited. There are too.

Those who think "it is an exquisite type that makes it easy for you to notice these parts..." should buy the best dolls that are carefully crafted to the smallest details.

People who buy love dolls for non-sexual purposes recommend the best love dolls!
The main purpose of men buying dolls is probably to "have sex with love dolls", but some people buy sex dolls for not sex.

For example, a person wants a doll to be a family member, such as a lover or wife.

Of course, some of these people also want to have sex, but in fact, there are also people who are not interested in sex, people who cannot have sex due to illness, and old couples and wives. There are all kinds of people.

Many of these people go out with their dolls or want to put them where they can always be seen in their homes.

Since I want to be my family and partner in daily life, I want to be a top-level real doll whose qualities make me mistaken for a real person, not a cheap love doll that makes me feel "a person". Sex doll! "A doll is more suitable, isn't it?

Some people also use love dolls as models for photography, but for these people, we recommend the best love dolls instead of cheap ones.

The advantage is that the photo is of high quality because it is close to a real person, but a further advantage is that it is easy to pose as you want.

As explained earlier, the internal skeleton of the best dolls is mainly made of metal, which can pose more delicate poses than cheap lover dolls, and it is also easy to fix the posture.

For these reasons, if you are considering buying real dolls for purposes other than sex, we recommend that you buy the best dolls instead of cheap sex dolls.

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For people who buy love dolls, sex may or may not be the purpose, but in both cases, buying the best love dolls is often more satisfying, so to speak.

The best real dolls will stay with you for a long time as long as you use them carefully, so they are often more cost-effective than buying a few cheap sex dolls.

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