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Japanese silicone doll Jona Review - Nick & his girlfriend

Japanese sex doll Jona

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This silicone doll is very realistic, but I never regard her as a tool to vent my desires, but to treat her as a family member.

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I don't have sex with my Japanese style silicone doll

What does Nick buy dolls for?

Buying such a Japanese sex doll, Nick believes that it is more to solve some problems about the "soul." He gave Jona the story, his emotions and personality, bathed him, combed his hair, put on makeup, changed clothes, and often took it out to go out and take pictures, making "it" "her". In the process, Sakura has gradually filled Nick's psychological gaps in the imagination and needs of heterosexual partners. So when Nick says it's hard to find a "human companion," you feel like he's coming from another planet.

Japanese silicone doll

Nick's view of love

In his view, marriage is more about resource replacement and advantages and disadvantages. Compared with real people, this doll, which is completely controlled by oneself, is the perfect combination of ideal and reality.

But he does not see this as an escape, but as a way of life that requires courage. In the world of sexual dolls, some people hide their dolls under the sofa. Some people rent a room to put dolls on their own, and refuse to have an intersection with family and friends. Nick never hides his real life, although he claims that this is also a result of calculating the pros and cons, which is awkward and sincere.

He once conceived a science fiction story. When humans no longer exist, can the sex robot Cici recreate her dad with 3D equipment and continue to write this fate. I asked Nick what kind of feelings this sci-fi story projected? He paused and said seriously, that is, he hopes that he will not be separated from the doll and will be together forever.

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