Non-toxic Safe TPE Material Qita Doll Evaluation Summary



Nov 24, 2019

Evaluation of『Fuji』Qita Brand TPE Real Sex Doll Black Hair

Soft and pink, too irritating, too comfortable, she can also lick, it is great, the quality is very good, the material is also no smell, the production process is great.



Oct 27, 2019

Evaluation of『Suki』Asian Style Celebrity Sex Dolls

The touch is soft and comfortable, and it feels very much! The quality is reliable, a bit shy to buy this stuff, the material is very soft, it is really great, the function is very good, very real, very comfortable, feels really good.



Sep 16, 2019

Evaluation of『Keomi』Qita Doll Asian Style Milf Sex Doll

Keomi is really tall and thin, you will know that she is my dream, the world has very few tall Japanese sex dolls, I just like this doll. After receiving my doll, I found that the doll's head and body are separate, because there are instructions in the box, so I can easily assemble the doll. Then I gave the doll a make-up and then heated her up, so I began to enjoy her sex experience.



Aug 14, 2019

Comments of『Edition』Qita Doll Full Size Anime Sex Doll

Beautiful, attractive sex doll. I love everything bid, big eyes, big mouth, big breasts and butt. She looks like a grown up woman and is very sexy. Not just fucking a sex doll for me, but a real companion.



Aug 09, 2019

Evaluation of『Jasmine』Fearsome Vampire Qita Anime Sex Doll

Wrong color wig arrived and the store wanted to send me a replacement but hey it's just hair color. Everything else was perfect. Doll arrived in perfect condition and discreetly packaged so no privacy issues. Overall very happy with the whole experience.



Jul 8, 2019

Comments of『Brandy』Qita Brand Adult Sex Doll Silver Hair

Hello, It is a really amazing sex doll. I miss the description how to store the real doll, how to maintain the doll, how to attach her head, and its restrictions. I dressed up the love doll but the dress left big black spots on the skin of the doll. It would be good if you warn about that.

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