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2023 Best Review on Lifelike American Sex Dolls

Here is a collection of customer ratings and usage experiences for all American Sexdolls products, which you can read carefully before purchasing! Each adult sex doll is meticulously designed to embody the captivating essence of American allure, from charming smiles to enchanting expressions. Our customers rave about the lifelike experience these American love dolls provide, offering not just a physical presence, but an emotional connection that transcends expectations.

May 23 , 2024
I was so excited watching her sexy way twerking on the bed.
May 3 , 2024
This sex doll feels like the real thing (for pussy) and is passable for anal use.
Apr 29 , 2024
Bought this for my husband's birthday and he loves it! Her breasts are realistic.
Apr 25 , 2024
The feeling when using it is amazing. It has a flexible frame, so the middle part of the torso can bend forward, backward, left and right, and twist.
Apr 24 , 2024
Super jiggly breasts with great spine, size and weight.
Apr 23 , 2024
The head is made of silicone, which is sturdy and realistic. The body texture is ordinary TPE, soft and elastic, the body feels great, and the torso and legs are malleable.
Apr 20 , 2024
This is what I got during a random late night purchase. After going through the pain of divorce/separation, I don't like new encounters now, but this new partner is great. Super realistic!
Apr 14 , 2024
100% recommended, shipping super fast, safe and discreet.
Apr 12 , 2024
If you want a doll with a certain weight but don’t know which one to choose, this is the one for you!
Apr 10 , 2024
High-quality material, super soft on the skin. Very cheap compared to other brands of dolls of the same size.
Fitzroy Davis
Apr 8 , 2024
This product is a great silicone doll. It provides an amazing sensation experience, and the flexible joints allow you to try a variety of sexual movements.
Darius Martin
Apr 7 , 2024
I highly recommend this doll to anyone who wants to experiment with sexual pleasure. Life size doll size, beautiful face, full breasts and tight vagina. What's more important is that the price is very affordable.
Morgan Scott
Apr 4 , 2024
First of all, it's just the right amount of tight, very natural. The details of the shapes are very realistic. Then comes the fun part: You can tap her on the shoulder or on the butt to feel the bounce.
Tanner Brown
Apr 1 , 2024
This silicone doll is so fun and I highly recommend it! The "entry" feels very comfortable with good grip and ridges. Very nice bedroom addition.
Craig Davis
Mar 31 , 2024
I highly recommend this sex doll to beginners and anyone looking for something new. She can help you do things that smaller toys can't and get more involved.
Trent Davis
Mar 19 , 2024
It was my first time to try the ROS head doll. Although it was heavy, the experience was realistic and unforgettable, especially after upgrading some automatic sexual stimulation devices, it felt even better. Good value for money.
Mar 18 , 2024
The material is soft but sturdy enough to really hold on to. Tight and well textured.
Nicholas Davis
Mar 17 , 2024
Each channel of this sex doll is perfectly designed with suitable length and width. There will be no uncomfortable feeling when using it and you can release yourself well. The quality is very good, recommended to buy.
Fisher Lee
Mar 14 , 2024
This beauty doll is very soft. Made of TPE material, lifelike and feels great. The best mate who won’t nag or scold you! worth!
Darian Garcia
Mar 13 , 2024
I went into this with an open mind and wow, it blew my mind. It feels lifelike and the weight of this doll makes it feel like the real thing. The weight may be too much for some, but the experience is unparalleled.
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