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Jan 04, 2020

Reviews of『Aviana』E Cup WM Doll Realistic Milf BBW Sex Doll

Three hole sex dolls with skeletons and joints can be placed in several poses. Some holes can also be powerful with four crosses, a small mouth is very realistic, and it can be cool, and it feels very exciting. Heating rods are used to heat private parts and the effect is common, and chest is tender and dries. After using the realistic sex doll, use a gift cleaner to fill the water, so it is convenient to rinse and use your whole body without touching the water.



Jan 10, 2020

Reviews of『Winifred』H Cup WM Doll Bunny Girl BBW Sex Doll

1. Sex dolls are more immersive than imagined, indicating that the goods are real.
2. Sex doll sees the same thing with picture, especially after putting on her clothes.
3. It's really beautiful, what you see on the website the picture is very consistent with the real thing, how the real thing looks, there is no difference except for the lighting effects!
4. I asked a lot of customer service questions, because it was my first purchase, but customer service can answer me very quickly and patiently.
5. Winifred is a really beautiful sex doll mainly look face, this is the same rule and has a real human feeling, so it is best to warm it up with electric tweezers.
6. I hope that the seller conducts a conscientious and conscientious business! ! Thank you very much.



Oct 22, 2019

Reviews of『Jennifer』Hot Sell WM Brand TPE Sex Doll

I have received the sex doll, the doll's production process is particularly fine, especially her looks are particularly cute, TPE material feels soft and comfortable, the design is perfect, I am very satisfied with the confidential delivery! And the most important thing is the private packaging is very good for protecting my privacy, great!



Oct 17, 2019

Comment of『Alice』Tan Skin Blonde Real Sex Doll

This is surely addictive. As an impression, there was almost no smell after opening, that I was most worried about, so it is a very good feeling. The skin feels smooth and comfortable as never before. The touch when touching the skin is very important, so the realistic sex doll is highly recommended!



Oct 08, 2019

Evaluation of『Flora』Red Hair Best Sex Dolls For Sale

What impressed me most about Flora was her hair and her eyes. I was attracted by her charming appearance. Now I received my doll. She is softer than I thought. I like her very much!



Sep 11, 2019

Reviews of『Emica』Lovely WM Brand Japanese Real Sex Doll

I saw Emica on youtube, this is a super cute Japanese sex doll, I realized she was available at the OkSexDoll store, so I bought her. I received my doll about two weeks later, I can't wait to open the air box, and then touch her, her skin is like a real skin, which is why I recommend buying a high-end Japanese-style sex doll. It is really worth it. You can pay for a lifetime.



Sep 08, 2019

Reviews of『Catherine』Blonde Series WM Sex Doll Big Boobs

Her lower body is very soft and comfortable to touch. She is the best blonde doll I have ever seen. I used a shower gel to bathe the doll. After washing, the fragrance of the water is so sweet that she fell in love with her. I can’t wait to use it after washing. That is cool, more exciting than real people, but also can put a variety of postures, even my favorite back posture can be, put some lubricant into it, Scorpio, really has not released this for a long time, I don’t stop climax, I feel overdone! ! !



Jul 31, 2019

Evaluation of『Adele』Luxurious Real WM Sex Doll Bikini Girl

In the moment she is waiting me every day until I'm back home from work. She feels great and her body is nearly perfect. In my opinion she could have a little less of breasts and her head is a little big for a size of 158cm real sex doll but it's OK...



Jul 23, 2019

Reviews of『Claire』WM Doll H Cup Big Butt Real Sex Doll

My girlfriend and I absolutely love Claire. She’s every bit as amazing as we had hoped and more. She’s opened up a whole new level of pleasure into our sex life. I would recommend making sure you’ve thought out/planned safely and properly storing your real sex doll before you order. They are large and life like in weight. Other than that she’s amazing and I can’t wait for tonight’s threesome!



Jul 20, 2019

Comments of『Chloe』WM Brand Realistic Sex Doll Tan Skin

He adquirido a través de OKsexdolls un par de sus mu?ecas sexuales y querría compartir como ha sido mi experiencia. Desde el primer momento se me ha tratado estupendamente, esta gente son auténticos profesionales que conocen bien su producto y las reservas y/o prejuicios que lo que venden puede conllevar. Uno tiene sus dudas al principio, inevitablemente, como en cualquier transacción a través de internet, tienes que confiar en gente que no conoces mas que a través de la web, a casitodos nos han enga?ado alguna vez y en las fotos se ven tan hermosas y perfectas que parece demasiado bonito para ser cierto. Además se trata de un desembolso importante para la mayoría de nosotros, ya que quienes tienen dinero de sobra normalmente están bien servidos en aquellas carencias que buscamos cubrir los que nos planteamos comprar una de estas bellezas de silicona. Sin embargo tengo que decir que la atención, la profesionalidad, la paciencia y en ocasiones hasta la complicidad mostrada por el comercial que me atendió (Wilson Guo) hacen de algo que a algunos podría resultarles incómodo o avergonzante, una transacción tan humana y sencilla como comprar un un juego de mesa o equipo deportivo. Me han demostrado ser una empresa seria. Y las mu?ecas.... Que maravilla... El material de primera, el acabado perfecto, el tacto sublime (sobretodo cuando las acaricias con las llemas de los dedos algo humedecidas por el lubricante... Divino) solo les falta respirar y reaccionar a las caricias y no notaríais la diferencia con una mujer real, os lo aseguro. Cada una de ellas es una obra de arte que vale cada céntimo que os quieran cobrar por ellas. Eso sí, preparaos, porque darles uso conforma todo un ritual, casi tan complejo como el sexo real, sobre todo si no vives solo y tienes que limpiarla y esconderla después. Aunque merece la pena, podéis creerme... Es algo realmente especial. Y os garantizo que haréis mas ejercicio del que pensáis. ánimo y un saludo a todos.



May 02, 2019

Comments of『Roxanne』WM Brand Realistic Big Ass Sex Doll

This sex doll is AMAZING! So incredibly sexy...the face is beautiful, and the boobs, waist, and butt are fantastic. She has a great bounce and jiggle to her. Her skin feels great...almost better than the real thing. Note though, this Japanese sex doll is a big girl.



Apr 21, 2019

Evaluation of『Kelsey』WM Doll Best Flat Chested Real Doll

If you are considering buy fucking a sex doll, this is the place! My sex doll arrived just eight days before arrival. I love Kelsey. She is too heavy to carry with me, so I'm seriously thinking about buying a smaller version so she can take it to the road. Thanks for the purchase experience and introduce Kelsey!



Apr 17, 2019

Reviews of『Carolina』C Cup WM Brand Tanned Real Sex Doll

The effect is particularly strong and particularly good. It is worth to buy very good value for money! It feels very good, the face is beautiful and real, it is a reliable product. Dress up and watch more love! This price is really worth the money! The quality of one loyal companion is good and the price is very high overall, I am very satisfied, no odor, and I am satisfied.



Apr 09, 2019

Comments of『Savannah』European Style C Cup Tanned Sex Doll

Good evening, I purchased 158cm Sabine last time, but this time it reached 166cm. The Sabine was a wonderful work, but the 166cm Savannah I bought this time was also a wonderful work. This physical balance is an ideal promotion like never before, so I think fans are perfect. We think that we do not lose by buying.



Apr 06, 2019

Evaluation of『Kathleen』WM Brand Big Ass Real Love Sex Dolls

Everything is real like real. The effect is very powerful. This sex doll is very cost effective. Things work very well and very comfortable! The same exciting, crisp and numbness as the first love is a bit more comfortable, adding a little lubrication is a very sensation and it feels stronger when entering inside!



Mar 19, 2019

Reviews of『Madeline』WM Doll Charming Fucking A Sex Doll

It is so cool and comfortable. The packaging is strict and nothing is visible from the outside. Secret work is in place! Looking at the lifelike sex dolls, it is very delicate and very realistic, the workmanship is good, the material is soft, safe and odorless, and it feels good to play!

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