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European Sex Dolls Feedback European Style Female Sexdoll Reviews

For buyers, by participating in this Sexdoll Europe review community and sharing their opinions, they become an important player in the market. Their voices can not only influence the purchasing decisions of other users, but may also attract the attention of manufacturers and prompt them to make improvements. This interactivity makes the market more democratized, and consumer needs and expectations are more fully considered in the product development process. In this way, it can promote a virtuous cycle in the market and ensure that everyone can choose a satisfactory European sex doll partner.

Jul 8 , 2024
I bought it for my boyfriend, but it actually looks much bigger than the picture. The doll is about the same size as me.
Jul 6 , 2024
It took 25 days from ordering to delivery. Took advantage of the discount and it was a very affordable and satisfying transaction. Thanks Oksexdoll!
Jul 2 , 2024
As I expected, all the details of this doll exceeded my expectations. I like it very much, and each sex hole is uniquely exciting.
Jun 26 , 2024
The doll with ROS function was made as per my order, I am very satisfied.
Jun 18 , 2024
This beautiful model is taller than expected, but she has a great figure without any excess fat. You don't have to worry about the craftsmanship of the doll, and the experience is very good.
Jun 6 , 2024
The package arrived just before my husband's birthday, which was a pleasant surprise. The doll is very well made and the body paint is lifelike. My husband and I are very happy with this purchase.
May 31 , 2024
The whole body is about the same size as my girlfriend, but it is much cuter and works even better when used with lube.
May 27 , 2024
Very realistic sex doll companion. I was shocked by the realistic and delicate skin texture. The perfect combination of silicone head and TPE body makes this doll even more cost-effective. Overall, the price is very low and the quality is very good.
May 25 , 2024
The design of the simulation mouth is a plus. I have been using this sex doll to practice oral skills. She is very interesting.
May 23 , 2024
Very perfect sex doll. She has just the right weight to give you maximum pressure during insertion. My partner and I had a lot of fun.
May 21 , 2024
This doll is great to use and every detail feels very realistic. Especially her breasts feel very real.
May 17 , 2024
It's important not to skimp on lubrication. Apply plenty of lube, especially when your legs are spread. You'll feel like you're having sex with a real woman.
May 11 , 2024
I would highly recommend this toy to anyone looking for a realistic and enjoyable experience. The dual channels, easy cleaning, and affordable price make it an excellent choice on the market.
May 7 , 2024
Beautifully designed with attention to detail and lifelike features, this silicone doll exceeds expectations.
May 5 , 2024
Five stars without a doubt! The details on her body are very realistic and the skin is very soft.
Apr 29 , 2024
Very detailed male doll model. The proportionally reduced size makes it easier for me, because I am a girl and I don't have that much strength.
Apr 27 , 2024
Her legs can be positioned in many different ways, with legs raised open or closed, and are very seductive and mesmerizing in any position. The closer you get, the more you can see the fine details of her vagina.
Apr 19 , 2024
This product is worth the money. From the packaging to the interior texture of the doll, it's done perfectly. The size and weight are just right. The material is soft, but has a certain rigidity. The holes are tight, but not too tight.
Apr 16 , 2024
The material of this doll is soft and smooth. It's a little heavy, so if you like big boys like me, a must have muscle.
Apr 11 , 2024
I finally got this beautiful doll that I love!!! I follow their Instagram account and always see pictures of new dolls. I always leave them a comment or message to ask if they have them in stock.
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