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Jul 25, 2019

Comment of『Lazuli』Japanese Anime Realistic Sex Doll

It's been 8 years since I saw Japanese anime. I have been a fanatic of Japanese anime. I found Oksexdoll when I used Google to search Japanese anime sex dolls last month. They really sell very awesome sex dolls. I was very interested in her when I first saw Lazuli. Since she was made by Doll House168. The quality was definitely good. Later I chose shrugging option and paid for her. After about two weeks, I received my manga sex doll. She is so amazing, I really enjoy sex with her.



Jul 01, 2019

Reviews of『Aaliyah』Doll House168 Graceful Real Sex Dolls

Real sex doll is very nice. The makeup is pleasing to the eye with micro eyeshadow, cherry red lip design, and some aspects, and some aspects look better than the pictures. The details are in place, the material is very good, the steel bracket is not felt, it is very soft. The only downside is that it is too heavy. At first I thought the comments were too many and the actual points were good. I bought 1 meter 55, and the package is as tall as 1 meter and 56 meters tall. The main steel bracket, inner recess, and maximum radius can be almost inserted into the index finger, similar to the main bearing of the machine, and the thickness is much higher than the water pipe.



Jun 26, 2019

Comments of『Colette』Doll House168 Flat Chested Sex Doll

This is a very mysterious sex doll. I forgot to know how to store the dolls, how to care for her, how to stab her head, and its limitations. So when I wore the real sex doll, this dress left large black spots on the doll's skin. It would be better if you told me about it in advance.

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