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Mike's Review - Japanese doll Suki is really a good sex partner

Japanese doll Suki

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Suki was unexpectedly good. I accidentally bought Suki in March 2019, and now my story is getting better. For me, she is more than just a sex doll, because I want to do more meaningful things with her.

My love story with Suki

I am a worker, she is a Japanese doll.

Our love story began in 2019, when I was a worker. Because I lived alone for a long time, I was very lonely. At the same time, I have been paying attention to the sex doll industry for a long time, but I have never had the courage to buy a doll

Just when I accidentally browsed to oksexdoll shop, I changed my mind. I like Suki very much. With the help of oksexdoll customer service, I bought my first doll. I was fired in April 2019. For the rest of the two months, I brought a chair with Suki. She made me feel the warmth of home in these two months, so I made up my mind: she Will be my future wife!

I am traveling with Suki.

In May 2019, I thought that my first trip was with her. The first time she took the train out of the house, she was always so quiet all the way. On that trip, we almost ate all the snacks in New York and went around. All the streets in New York...

Will our story have an ending?

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