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Jerry's Review - TPE Doll Juliet is really soft!

TPE doll Juliet

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Product Detail

Juliet is really too soft, just like touching the skin of a real person. There is also a scent when unpacking, it’s awesome. If I have enough budget, I can buy two TPE dolls.

TPE dolls factory test preview

TPE is softer than silicone

Due to the particularity of the TPE material, although tpe loses a part of the doll's authenticity, the TPE is softer.

TPE doll natasha

Tpe is more dry

Oil is an essential component of TPE. The softer the material, the more oil it contains. It can improve the dryness of TPE surface. In terms of the odor of the two dolls, by adding various flavoring agents, the scent can be controlled to a level that the human sense of smell can accept or even like. Of course, the silicone solid doll, in the long time of use, will inevitably have a sticky surface and a bad smell.

Which to buy?

I have already introduced the difference between tpe and silicone dolls in the previous section. If economic conditions permit, try to choose a silicone doll. If you really want to choose a TPE real doll, try to choose a well-known brand of products, the price is relatively high, but the quality is better, comfortable to use. Of course you are the rich, please choose your doll at will!

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