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Japanese Doll Suki is Having Sex Without Eyes Open

Jack 2019-05-09

The above is the video of the Japanese sex doll Suki. Do you want to know more about Suki? Please look down.

Story about Suki

My name is Suki. In the age when I always thought that the world was wrong and my love was beautiful, he took my hand and called me a hoe. I often ran with me on the playground behind the school and gave me a warm embrace after my parents and I quarreled. The first time I picked up my toes and kissed him, he turned red face before me. Looking at his shy look, I suddenly wanted to go with him for the rest of my life.

When Suki was 17 years old

That day, we talked very late, and after returning to the dormitory, my heart was still jumping. My little heart seems to have buried the seeds of curiosity and desperately wants to unearth. I think he may be the same, but he is embarrassed and will not say it.

Japanese doll Suki

When Suki was 17 years old

In May 2019, I thought that my first trip was with her. The first time she took the train out of the house, she was always so quiet all the way. On that trip, we almost ate all the snacks in New York and went around. All the streets in New York...

The next day, I had lunch with him as usual. Sitting face to face, we are all a little embarrassed, laughing at the same time, and asking each other what happened. After a moment of silence, it is the opposite of the heart. I suddenly came up with an idea and whispered, "When I am 18th birthday, let's spend the night together. I want to ask you to help me and complete my adult ceremony."

Many years later, I suddenly remembered the back of him at the hotel. The back that I watched silently when I was wearing clothes. From that moment on, it was no longer the back of the boy, but the back of a man. He started from the moment he waited for me to wear clothes, and explained him with action. Commitment to me, and the responsibility of being an 18-year-old man. It turned out that my 18-year-old adult ceremony created another person's growth.

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