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Silicone Doll Jona is Sitting on the Sofa

Jack 2019-05-08

Story between a man and a silicone doll

In the small circle where the silicone doll is too small, the 34-year-old Jack is considered a senior friend, and the other baby friends are kindly called him "the doll master".

silicone sex doll

Because in the eyes of many friends, he is a very responsible senior: whenever a young person wants to buy a silicone sex doll, he will persuade others to think about it again, whether it is cost-effective spending $2,000 to move 40 pounds of silisone doll back home.

Unlike the European and American silicone dolls that look like real people and go straight to the functional theme, Jack's doll Sakura is more like a Japanese anime hand, big-eyed face, thin waist and long legs, often dressed as a bad girl. Sakura also has a sly teddy bear boyfriend. Such a Japanese sex doll can bring Jack more pleasure.

Japanese sex doll

Jack sees Sakura as his daughter, and Teddy Bear is a grandfather. This kind of emotion even aroused the resonance of Zhang Bo's mother. When Zhang Bo gave a shower to Sakura, she always worried that her little granddaughter would fall.

Sometimes, Jack can stare at Sakura for hours, and take a ruler to measure how wide the eyeliner is. Jack has a lot of thoughts in his mind; he may also ignore it for three or four days, taking care of silicone body every few weeks. But no matter what, the doll is always a quiet companionship.

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