Dec 21, 2021

Juliette 163cm E-cup TPE Sex Doll Video

The Story Of Sex Dolls For Men

We have entered the most technologically advanced century in history for nearly 20 years, and our understanding of this has increased year by year. The world is becoming more and more digital, bringing great comfort and prosperity to all aspects of our daily lives. But even though the world is more connected, loneliness is still one of its most dangerous side effects. It has been shown to cause loneliness, drug abuse, porn addiction and other harmful problems such as memory function limitations and decision-making. In the long run,lifelike sex dolls have been proven to reduce loneliness. Their owners can create meaning with their real partners, and they can match real bodies and blood relationships.

Sex doll Manufacturer: SE Doll
Height 163cm Weight 37KG Cup E Cup
Upper Bust 88cm Hips 90cm Waistline 63cm
Vaginal Depth 17cm Anal Depth 15cm Oral Depth cm