Feb 2, 2022

The Production Process And Application of Sex Dolls

The production process and application of sex dolls

If you're a healthy boy, you're more or less interested in adult sex dolls at the same time. For those unaware, sex dolls are used to mimic female or male behavior. This is a doll that looks and feels real and is sometimes purchased as an appreciation or disguised sex doll. However, it cannot be said that, but there are still some boys who are very smart, have in-depth knowledge and research on real dolls, and understand their causes and uses.

realistic Sex Dolls

The production of silicone sex doll is divided into three stages. First assemble the skeleton. Second, the polyurethane material that makes up the core of the human body is attached to the bones and coated with silicone. Finally, the deburring and painting of the silicone is done. There are many company secrets, only the last part of the third step is collected. Since the craftsmanship needs to be refined, the craftsmen are all women. This was unexpected, as you can only imagine an experienced, stubborn father.

The first task is to reduce unnecessary distractions. Use only sharp scissors and clean while using the bumps properly. Due to the nature of the material, silicone may be scratched and cannot be archived. This is an immediate deburring process with scissors. The hair is a wig and the bottom is hand sewn. When checking the overall balance, sew one or more parts with a special needle. The adhesion to the body doesn't stop there. Even the arcs of the palms and abdomen were replicated, and their lumps appeared to be mistaken for humans. You can iteratively build without affecting the prototype. As the ratio of polyurethane to silicone changes, truly optimal wrinkles can develop. Teen sex dolls have spray-painted lips on their faces, eyebrows and the area around the eyes to look human. Finally, like one's makeup, it is done carefully with a brush.