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Entity Doll Company Celebrates 14th Anniversary of Ryan Gosling’s "Dating" with a Doll

A realistic sex doll company in the United States uploaded a picture of Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling and the physical doll "Bianca" from the 2007 movie "Inbeautifulable Doll Love" to celebrate the anniversary of their "dating" .

They wrote on a related post: "This year, one of our dolls has been on the big screen for 14 years! Who remembers the image of Bianca in "Inbeautifulable Doll Love"?"

This film tells the story of Lars, a beautiful man living in a small country town. He is a taciturn solitary man. In order to get a womanfriend who will not bring him insecurities, Lars ordered dolls online. Anka, and Bianca as his confidant. Also introduce her to his friends.

Online posts are full of comments praising Bianca and the movie. One of them wrote: "I wrote an essay on the protagonist of the film. This is a very interesting and thought-provoking film about certain taboo issues."

tpe sex love doll

This film was nominated for the 80th Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 2008. Although it eventually lost to the comedy film "Juneo", it also attracted the attention of many audiences.

Since the establishment of the concept of sexy sex dolls in 1997, various physical doll manufacturers have been working hard to market themselves as "one of the best physical doll companies in the industry." Previously, an expert said that smart physical dolls may soon be difficult to distinguish from real, breathing, emotional and physiological humans."

Professor Rob Brooks of the Sexy of New South Wales in Australia said that the "smart partner" will be one of the three "artificial intimacy" offered in this century.

The scholar wrote in the "Conversation" magazine: "The 21st century technology, such as artificial bionics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), is infiltrating every corner of our social and emotional life and changing us. How to build friendships, build close relationships, fall in love and break up."

"When it comes to artificial intimacy, many people's thoughts may jump directly to TPE sex doll : one day, realistic robotic physical dolls that can walk among us."

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